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Re: GCC 3.4.1 Status Report

Jan Hubicka wrote:

The observant among you have noticed that June 15th came and went without a release.

However, I intend to create a prerelease in the very near future -- perhaps as early as tomorrow. After that point, the branch will go slushy; I'll need to approve all patches.

There are still 56 bugs targeted at 3.4.1; I plan to postpone nearly all to a later release.

There are a few PRs that do look critical to me, including PR 14782, which refers to an unaligned access on PA, and PR 16026 which is a problem in assign_parms.

There are are also a large number of unit-at-a-time and/or no-unit-at-a-time problems and discrepancies. Jan, you've still not made any notations on those PRs about whether or not you think they can be fixed. Gaby, you've not commented on 13560; I'd hoped you would try

I am just going trought those bugreports. There are few marked as unit-at-a-time (or non-unit-at-a-time) but they are not closely related:

target/14798 seems to be SH backend bug with patch being disucssed there...

C++/14865 THis looks like C++ frontend bug in the legacy way of doing
reachability using SYMBOL_REFERENCED. I am not quite sure what to do

middle-end/15114  I used to have patch for this, but Richard had better
ideas to fix, but I am unsure what is the status right now...

I am testing fixes for remaining two problems and will try into those 3
too later...

What is the status now?

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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