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#pragma interface and #pragma implementation

#pragma interface in test cases

#pragma once

**카드고민 완전해결 ARS 상담** sxvyyiu ivrpg

-fmudflapth on head

10% compile time decrease! and rsync://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-cvs

3.3.4 build report: powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.3.0

3.3.4 build reports and test results

The 3.4.1 Ada texi bug

<built-in> vs <internal>





Cd -диск "Инвестuцuи в недвuжимocть." та

Cd -диcк "Инвecтuции в нeдвuжимость." нкo

Звоните и записывайтесь!

[ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.4 ColdFire/ARM toolchain for uClinux (20040604)

[C++/debug] SDB_DEBUG (-gcoff) vs record_builtin_type vs GAS

[G++] templates not instantiated early enough

Re: [Gdb] removing src/dejagnu, src/expect

Re: [gui] [merge] java-gui-merge for may 26

[lno] 50% runtime performance regression since yesterday

[lno] Bootstrap failure on ia64

[lno] Error with -funroll-loops and tramp3d-v3 testcase

[lno] need help with setting may-aliases in the vectorizer

[lno] performance comparison to mainline

[lno] Yet another merge

Re: [m68k]: patch to fix m68k_output_mi_thunk() for ColdFire

Re: [PATCH] Check rtx_costs in combine.c's try_combine

Re: [PATCH] Improved target tuning in simplify-rtx.c

[PATCH] Re: Use-and-clobber insns and some ancient combine.c code

[RFC] A policy for supported ports and targets

[RFC] Adding bison, lex, etc. build modules?

[RFC] completely peel loops unconditionally

[RFC] Exploiting dual mode operation - preliminary code for phase 1

[RFC] IPA constant propagation - very preliminary code

[RFC] MIPS division by zero and libgcj...

[rfc] proposal for compilation unit wide alias analyis

[RFC] type safe trees

RE: [RFC] type safe trees (aka, reinventing C++ in C)

Re: [RFH] changing linkfile name depending on a flag passed

[RTL]--emit lib call got error

[RTL]Access rtx oprands

[SC] Require C++ for bootstrapping


About the 2nd instruction scheduling

Additional default include directory on Tru64 UNIX

Again, bootstrap failure(s) on ia64

alternate keywords in C

altivec questions

anonymous structures within a union do not compile by c++ compiler

Answered Re: #pragma interface and #pragma implementation


Block SCR-Files messages_Notify

Bogus REG_EQUIV note generation [was RE: Deep CSE bug!]

bootstrap -j 2 failure for gcc 3.4.1 20040602 on i686-linux: make[4]: stage2/xgcc: Command not found

Re: bootstrap -j 2 failure for gcc 3.4.1 20040602 on i686-linux:make[4]: stage2/xgcc: Command not found

bootstrap broken on mainline for targets not using DFA

Bootstrap failure in libstdc++-v3 on GNU/Linux x86

bootstrap failure on ia64

bootstrap failure on ia64 compiling libstdc++

bootstrap of 3.4.1 RC1 failed on powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.3.0

Bootstrap of 3.5 with --enable-intermodule

Re: bound-checks

Re: Bug 15718 dispute: showstopper or WONTFIX?

Bug in tsi_link_before/after or wrong comment?

Bugs which require external patches to reproduce

Bugzilla bug id 16223

Bugzilla's Patch mechanism

Build is broken on powerpc-apple-darwin7.4.0

Build problem with gcc 3.4 on Mac OS X

RE: Building a Solaris cross compiler

Re: building sh-elf / sh-linux (Was: Re: [PATCH/RFA] PR target/13250)

BUILT_IN usage in tree-nested.c

C++ -- a valid idea?

C++ and inlining

c++ optimisation fails badly

C++ pointer to member regression (?)


c.opt doesn't use Var() ?

Caching of include files breaks compilation?

Calling convetions question

Cannot compile with recent cvs

The Case for OpenMP in GCC

RE: categorize_decl_for_section bogosity

Checking of TREE_CONSTANT_OVERFLOW in integer_(non)zerop

Closing PRs for 3.4.1

ColdFire soft-float optimizations

ColdFire softfloat optimization

Comments on mudflap

Compilation error

Compile on Solaris9, gcc 3.3.2

Compile time improvement, runtime regression (ia64)

Compiled Glibc (cvs 2004-05-30) with Gcc 3.4.0 causes internal compiler error

compiling g++ 3.2.3

configure check for MPFR?

contributing & bound-checks

contributing to g++

Copy Constructor Problem with 3.2.2??

Crash if function_end_locus not set

Criteria for GCC 4.0

Re: Criteria for GCC 4.0 [auto-locating libraries]

Re: cross-compilation documentation

Crossjump heuristics

crosstool-0.28-rc21: support gcc-3.4.0 everywhere except cris, hppa,s390

Re: crosstool-0.28-rc21: support gcc-3.4.0 everywhere except cris,hppa, s390

crosstool-0.28-rc26: 118 ugly toolchains and 74 pretty ones

Das kann unmoeglich sein -Leserbrief- -Id:7541-

Dead Link

Dealing with NOP instructions

decrement & branch isns

Deep CSE bug!

df.c bug fix for gcc_3_4_0_release


Do we still need libf2c?

Documentation in tree-ssa-operands.c

Does any one have the idea how the gcc FR-V port solves this kind of problem ?

Re: Does any one have the idea how the gcc FR-V port solves thiskind of problem ?

Does anyone know about how the FRV port does the VLIW pack?

Does not exist error during libjava compile in gcc

an early GCC Summit report

EP9312 gcc: undefined reference to __divdf3

ep9312 Maverick Crunch support

error in finding a register to spill

Error in stl_bvector.h and vector.tcc

Error occurs in libstdc++-v3/include is ignored

Exploiting dual mode operation

export templates

ezmlm warning

f_options x common.opt

Re: Feedback on -iquote

re: Feedback to The Virtual Quill

Re: Fix gcc_update for libcpp (Was: Re: Mainline bootstrap failure while running aclocal in libcpp)

Re: Fix gcc_update for libcpp (Was: Re: Mainline bootstrap failure while running aclocal in libcpp)

Fix gcc_update for libcpp (Was: Re: Mainline bootstrap failurewhile running aclocal in libcpp)

Flags parameter in comptypes

Flow crash for conditional branches against a constant

Format for auto-regression testers to submit new fails for inclusion into bugzilla

FP comparisons, C, X86, and NaN's

function attribute syntax question

function structure

Function Versioning

Function, file and line information out of '_Unwind_Context' ptr

Re: Function, file and line information out of '_Unwind_Context'ptr

G++ ABI compatibility document

g++.dg/ext/stmtexpr2.C failure

g++.old-deja/g++.mike/p7325.C - suspected bogus test case

G77 Compiler Users Guide?

gcc 3.3.3 trouble

GCC 3.3.4: successful build and installation on GNU/Linux PowerPC

Re: gcc 3.4.0 m68k-elf generates illegal code for ColdFire (maybe a fix)

Re: gcc 3.4.0 m68k-elf generates illegal code for ColdFire (maybe afix)

Re: gcc 3.4.0 m68k-elf generates illegal code for ColdFire (maybea fix)

GCC 3.4.1 Frozen

GCC 3.4.1 RC1 available

GCC 3.4.1 Status

GCC 3.4.1 Status Report

GCC 3.[34] snapshots not running

gcc call tree

GCC CVS head Ada compile problem.

GCC inline assembler

gcc mainline does not build on apple-ppc-darwin

gcc news

gcc news #2

gcc news #3

gcc news #4

GCC summit papers


Re: GCC-3.3.4 second prerelease available for testing

GCC-3.3.x status

Re: gcc-3.4.0 + glibc-2.2.5 generate static apps that segfault atstartup?

Re: gcc-3.4.0 Bootstrap failure

gcc-3_3-branch frozen for release purpose

gcc-ss-3.3-20040603 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20040609 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20040616 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20040623 is now available

gcc-ss-3.3-20040630 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20040604 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20040611 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20040618 is now available

gcc-ss-3.4-20040625 is now available

gcc-ss-3.5-20040606 is now available

gcc-ss-3.5-20040613 is now available

gcc-ss-3.5-20040620 is now available

gcc-ss-3.5-20040627 is now available

gccbug reports?

GCJ compilation problems

gctest failure for i686-linux in gcc 3.3.4 prerelease 20040530

Re: Generate tree/rtx for address-of exp?

Gestion de la Logistique

gimple weirdness for Java


GREG Expansion Problem

Re: Header files depending on tree.h

Header files depending on tree.h (was: Add missing dependency togcc/c-common.h)

header of the build system is used for cross compiling libstdc++


Help in Load Store Instrumentation

HELP: finding the patch for a regression test case

HELP: GCC Passes and Files


High Rank Link Exchange

How to debug ssa optimizer

i'm new user: there is nothing, empty, ..

i386/x86-64 UNSPEC_NOP usage

i686-pc-linux-gnu bootstrap failure (Was: Re: building sh-elf / sh-linux)

ICE on m68k-linux in 3_4-branch

ICE profiledbootstrapping on ia64

ICE with gcc 3.4, would like to add test case in Dejagnu test suite

IEEE extended real formats

IMA corner case with forward declarations of statics

implicit narrowing conversion.

Improved Symbian GCC

Incoming message



inline assembly operands


insn-attrtab for unsigned comparisons

Is "memory" clobber required for all inline asm which does atomic operation???

Is anyone interested in __float128 support on ia64 and x86_64?

Is regmove.c:discover_flags_reg still needed?

It's time to merge new-ra branch into mainline

Re: LAPACK: good news and bad news

latest toolset for linux-2.4.26vrs1

Libanesen in Berlin

libffi bug?

libgcc2 exception clause inconsistent

Re: libiberty and getopt and getopt long

libiberty and getopt and getopt_long

libstdc++ web pages, help required

Licensing of libgcc and libstdc++ as shared libraries

link.exe /DRIVER flag

Linker API Proposal

Re: Linux 2.6 nanosecond time stamp weirdness breaks GCC build

Little C-benchmarks of gcc-2.95.4-ss,gcc-3.3.4-ss,gcc-3.4.1-ss & gcc-3.5.0-ss.

Re: Little C-benchmarks of gcc-2.95.4-ss,gcc-3.3.4-ss,gcc-3.4.1-ss& gcc-3.5.0-ss.

Little C-benchmarks of gcc-XXX: Compilation timings of make for each GCC's version.

Re: Little C-benchmarks of gcc-XXX: Compilation timings of make foreach GCC's version.

LNO branch merge

LNO optimizing out operations it shouldn't?

lno-branch versioning and branches in cvs.html

lno-branch vs ptr-to-member


Re: Long and short jumps

long compilation times with current cvs

Loop optimizer / unroller

Loop unrolling bug still present

Lost configuration parameters

The M.ortgage Information you wanted

Mainline as 27 June crash on MacOS X

Mainline bootstrap broken by Zdenek Dvorak

Mainline bootstrap failure while running aclocal in libcpp

mainline g++ built for apple-ppc-darwin causes crash on compiling g++.dg/eh/cleanup1.C

Mainline regressions on powerpc-apple-darwin


Member function pointer woes



Microsoft patent

MIPS 3.4.0 ABI and one-sized arrays

Modem na porta serial

more 3.4.1 RC1 tests

More on addressof: how to fix the backends that use them?

More on c-gimplify.c:gimplify_decl_stmt

More on gimplify:create_tmp_var

Re: Move IF_STMT, CLEANUP_STMT out of C front end

mudflap versus cgraph

mutually-recursive types and an old puzzle

naked functions on x86

named warnings & individual warning control

Need doc of debug output produced by -fdump-translation-unit

RE: Neue Voelkerwanderung droht! <Id:2090> (rus5)

New C++ regression: g++.dg/template/copy1.C

No Compilation Warning...

Norman Ramsey away from email until April 5

Notes from the testing BOF at the summit

Notes from the version control BOF at the summit

objective C binfos


Omniscient Debugging for C...

Outdated recommendation?

Paradies Bundesrepublik - Rente fuer die Welt - #Id:9225#

Paradies Bundesrepublik - Rente fuer die Welt - [Id:4805]

parse errors in netinet/in.h

Parser or parsing tools?

Re: Partially redundant casts

Re: Patch to allow Ada to work with tree-ssa

Performance testing function pointers

Performance testing shared vs. static libs

Perhaps fundamental SSA problem with variable-size types

playing nice with cvs/rsync

Porting GCC

possible structure layout bug

Posts regarding deleting the VAX form of GCC from the next series

Re: Posts regarding deleting the VAX form of GCC from the nextseries

POT file for cpplib

PR c++/16240

Re: precompiled header support

Problem in GCC 3.4 MIPS -march=mips1

Problem with GNU CC 2.7.2

Problem with movqi pattern

Problem with ssa optimization making an uninitialized variable

Re: prolog/epilog

Re: proposal for compilation unil wide alias analyis

Re: proposal for compilation unit wide alias analyis

Proposal for reference annotations

PROPOSAL: removing src/expect

Re: Proposed location for variable sizes etc in ARRAY_REF and

Proposed location for variable sizes etc in ARRAY_REF and COMPONENT_REF

Re: Proposed location for variable sizes etc in ARRAY_REF andCOMPONENT_REF

Proposed targets to obsolete for 3.5, first pass

Pthread support on Arm-elf

Public apology [was RE: Notes from the testing BOF at the summit]

Puzzling error message about templates (gcc 3.4.0)

Re: Q about edge structures

QA-oriented features for a version control system

Question about apparently obsolete comment in gcse.c


A question about tree-pretty-printing

Re: Question concerning loop-iv package

Question on aggregates and GIMPLE

Question on gimplify.c:create_tmp_var

Question on internal_get_tmp_var

Question on scalar replacement

Question on second call to unshare_all_trees in gimplify_body

Question on tree-walking and mutually-recursive types

Question w.r.t. inside class defined struct for C++ language lawer.

a quick few questions

R_PPC_EMB_SDA21 relocation

Regressions on mainline

Re: Regressions on mainline\

Release schedule?

reload and asms

Rememberable URL for gccnews

removing src/dejagnu, src/expect

Re: replace_ssa_names abort that started last week

reply soon

RE: Requiring GAS for mips-sgi-irix*

RFC: offsettable problem

RFC: Requiring GAS for mips-sgi-irix*

RFD: fixup_fallthru_exit_predecessor bug (Was: Re: [PATCH/RFA] PR target/13250)

Fwd: RTL help needed

scope of templates (WAS: contributing & bound-checks)

Seu SUCESSO em 520 pginas, por apenas R$ 10,00.

sh-elf: PR target/15886

Re: sign_extending to values wider than hard registers

Small task for someone with access to the CVS repository files

Solaris installation notes


Spurious differences between 32 and 64 bit mode numeric results

SSA operand interface change proposal

SSA usage question

RE: status (parrt@jguru.com)

Status of for Argonaut ARC port?

Status of tree-ssa work for Ada


Re: stolen

Suboptimal code generated for _Bool

Re: Successful bootstrap of gcc-3.3.4-20040517 snapshot on i686-pc-cygwin

successful build of gcc on Interix 3.5 (windows XP)

Successful build of gcc-3.4.0 on i686-pc-mingw32

successful gcc 3.4.0 build on slackware 9.1

Successfully built and installed gcc 3.4.0 on i586-pc-linux-gnu (PentiumMMX-233)

Suggestion for gimplify_compound_lval

suggestion to add item to "Installing GCC: Binaries" web page

SuperH target in CSiBE

Re: Support for 32-bit stack processors?

target hooks for structure layout

Re: text

Re: Thanks :)

Fw: Thanks for your 0rder

Throwing C++ exceptions from signal handlers

Tracking auto-tester regressions better through bugzilla bugs

Re: transparent way of inserting insns

tree-dfa.c: find_hidden_use_vars_r

tree-eh.c vs. CFGs

tree-inline.c documentation

tree-nested.c:walk_stmt, case CATCH_EXPR

TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS vs STATEMENT_LIST vs recompute_side_effects

Trouble building gcc-3.4.0 cygwin->linux

Trouble with rsync-access

Tru64 Problem / gcc 3.4.0

turning off range simplification

Two similar functions optimized differently

Undefined reference ?

unexpected memmove() invokation

UPDATE: Does not exist error during libjava compile in gcc

update: Does not exist error during libjava compile in gcc

Re: UPDATE: Does not exist error during libjava compile in gcc

UPDATE: grep problem

Update: Insurance Information

updating edge profiling

Use-and-clobber insns and some ancient combine.c code

Using C++ in gcc (was Re: [RFC] type safe trees)

using delta

Re: using offsetof with g++

V3 patch causes EH failures in ILP32 mode

V5BfR7f::: Men have seen results 0f 1-4 !:nches !:n gr0wth!

Var-tracking generates broken DW_AT_frame_base on s390

Various GCC compared (2.95.3 - 3.5-20040523) III

Visualization tools

vohem garbage collector

What happened to -frename-registers?

What is needed to support uclinux shared libraries on MMU-less ARM?

Re: What is needed to support uclinux shared libraries on MMU-lessARM?

Re: What is needed to support uclinux shared libraries onMMU-lessARM?

Re: What to do with gcc 3.4 regression on Itanium 1?

where the compilation process stops in gcc

Why did libffi change it's soname?

Why does casting a function generate a run-time abort?


Your change to floor_log2_wide

Your fix to PR c++/15227 triggers a bootstrap failure on x86

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