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Re: Proposed targets to obsolete for 3.5, first pass

On Mon, 2004-06-21 13:51:16 -0700, Matt Thomas <>
wrote in message <>:
> At 08:39 AM 6/20/2004, Steven Bosscher wrote:
> As someone pointed out, there is a free VAX emulator, simh.  Both
> NetBSD and Linux are ELF targets and simh does boot NetBSD/vax.
> Note that testsuite submission was by me.  I can actually build and
> run a NetBSD/vax ELF userland (non-shared) using GCC 3.3.x.

Linux also boots on simh, as well as on real hardware.

> On and off, I've been working on improving the GCC VAX support but
> time limitations have limited my efforts.
> I've love to rewrite the backend but it's currently beyond my current
> abilities in gcc.  I have changes to the backend in my tree but
> problems with the compiler (pre-changes) limits my ability to test
> them.

That's a common problem:) I, too, do have some gcc patches (final
vax-linux support for binutils was just merged some months ago into
binutils-HEAD), but I'm not yet there to have gcc-HEAD really running
for VAXen. Not yet I'm ready to really finish that port, because I'm
still lacking quite some knowledge about gcc's internals. Also, we're
having some glibc patches (which are not yet really useable because
gcc-HEAD isn't yet up-n-running).

> The VAX is not dead and there's no reason to turn off life-support
> equipment.

Full ACK. NetBSD just got a framebuffer driver for some common
desktop-sized models, and Linux does make good progress, too (that's
easy if you don't yet support as much hardware as BSD does). However,
we're booting up multi-user:)

(Matt: Maybe we'd all try to have an IRC session between NetBSD and
Linux developers. Out current gcc problems are probably quite


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