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Re: *-*-netware target

On Wednesday 12 May 2004 09:39, Jan Beulich wrote:
> gcc 3.4.0 nominates NetWare as an obsolete target, with the intention to
> remove it with (one of) the next release(s).

All netware support has already been removed from mainline.

> As we (Novell) understand
> this, this is purely due to the lack of a maintainer.

And due to the fact that no test results were ever reported.

> If that
> understanding is correct, then we would like to rectify this. We'd need
> to understand first whether there are any special requirements to the
> role the maintainer would have to play (namely, if there are any
> obligations from your side that he would have to fulfill). Generally the
> intention is that I would take over that role.

The maintenance burden for netware would probably not be very
high, judging from the size of the files that were removed.
Basically all you're expected to make sure that the target stays
in a working shape, and to let everyone else know it still works
(and is used) by reporting test suite results to gcc-testresults.

A very good start would be to see if gcc 3.4.0 actually works on


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