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Re: *-*-netware target

>> gcc 3.4.0 nominates NetWare as an obsolete target, with the intention
>> remove it with (one of) the next release(s).
>All netware support has already been removed from mainline.

Bad, especially since the removal was just barely announced.

>> As we (Novell) understand
>> this, this is purely due to the lack of a maintainer.
>And due to the fact that no test results were ever reported.

I'm not exactly sure how this works, but the way I would guess it does
makes it rather unlikely that such results can be obtained (and
considered useful) for a compiler that can only be run in a cross
environment. I'd certainly have to get a better understanding of that,
but from what you say I can see nothing preventing me from meeting these
requirements if they can be met at all.


I would therefore, pending the approval of whoever may have to approve
this on the gcc/GNU/FSF side, offer to play this maintenance role.
Saying so, I'd like to understand whether I will have to also take care
of (requesting to) resurrect(ing) the already removed pieces in the

Thanks, Jan

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