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Re: gcc + vector (v4sf) implementation guide

I have set HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK to true for mode == V4SFmode, is that error
caused when this isn't set?  (I thought the error caused by that was
something like "cannot spill to register"?)

Unfortunately I can't upgrade gcc yet (the choice is out of my hands), but I
will request we go to 3.3 asap.

It seems to be a problem with the __attribute__ ((mode(V4SF))) itself,
before I even define any variables with the type.  Maybe there is some
global variable or option I have to enable to use the vector functionality
in gcc 3.2.3?  I've scanned the altivec code and can't see anything.

Anyone got any ideas?

Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Aldy Hernandez" <aldyh at redhat dot com> wrote in message
news:m3fze0xle1.fsf@frogsleap dot quesejoda dot com...
> >>>>> "Dylan" == Dylan Cuthbert <dylan at q-games dot com> writes:
>  > Thanks for the pointers, it has helped a lot.  In my version of gcc I
>  > have but it seems to have examples of the kind of support
>  > I need.
> You're probably using an older version of GCC.  Try mainline or the
> 3.4 branch.
>  > I have defined a register class ("j") and the register set, and set up
>  > appropriate HARD_REGNO tables to map to V4SF, and defined
>  > VECTOR_MODE_SUPPORTED_P to return true for V4SF.  I have defined a
>  > movv4sf instruction too.
>  > Yet, I still get this error when do the following:
>  > typedef float super_float __attribute__((mode(V4SF)));
>  > no data type for mode `V4SF'
> Have you set HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK to include your register class?
>  > Anyone got any idea what I'm missing?
> Can you try this on mainline?  The error you're triggerring shouldn't
> be triggered for your case, especially with the new synthesized vector
> modes.  And I don't have an old enough GCC to see what you're seeing.
> Aldy

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