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Re: gcc + vector (v4sf) implementation guide

>>>>> "Dylan" == Dylan Cuthbert <> writes:

 > Thanks for the pointers, it has helped a lot.  In my version of gcc I only
 > have but it seems to have examples of the kind of support
 > I need.

You're probably using an older version of GCC.  Try mainline or the
3.4 branch.

 > I have defined a register class ("j") and the register set, and set up the
 > appropriate HARD_REGNO tables to map to V4SF, and defined
 > VECTOR_MODE_SUPPORTED_P to return true for V4SF.  I have defined a dummy
 > movv4sf instruction too.

 > Yet, I still get this error when do the following:

 > typedef float super_float __attribute__((mode(V4SF)));

 > no data type for mode `V4SF'

Have you set HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK to include your register class?

 > Anyone got any idea what I'm missing?

Can you try this on mainline?  The error you're triggerring shouldn't
be triggered for your case, especially with the new synthesized vector
modes.  And I don't have an old enough GCC to see what you're seeing.


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