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Re: gcc + vector (v4sf) implementation guide

Thanks for the pointers, it has helped a lot.  In my version of gcc I only
have but it seems to have examples of the kind of support I need.

I have defined a register class ("j") and the register set, and set up the
appropriate HARD_REGNO tables to map to V4SF, and defined
VECTOR_MODE_SUPPORTED_P to return true for V4SF.  I have defined a dummy
movv4sf instruction too.

Yet, I still get this error when do the following:

typedef float super_float __attribute__((mode(V4SF)));

no data type for mode `V4SF'

Anyone got any idea what I'm missing?


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Aldy Hernandez" <> wrote in message">
> >>>>> "Dylan" == Dylan Cuthbert <> writes:
>  > Thanks for the pointers, do you know of a machine description I can
look at
>  > for reference that's a little simpler than ia64? (something a little
>  > to the mips architecture)
> config/rs6000/
> or
> config/rs6000/ (but this one only has V2SF-- 64-bit vectors).

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