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Re: commits with multiple PRs

> On Jan 27, 2004, at 9:14 AM, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> >
> > Maybe we should have a limit on the number of PR's that a commit can
> > update... (about 10?)
> We didn't use to, which is why i didn't add a new one when i converted 
> the script.
> However, on the bright side, unlike gnats, it took me approximately 3.7 
> seconds this morning to remove all 74 of the commit message copies from 
> the bugs database.

But it still 'spammed' every single person who had an affected bug report. 
 Speak for yourself, but I received about 70 copies of that 80k mail; I'm 
glad it wasn't over a dialup.

> If people are worried this will happen again, i'm happy to add such a 
> limit.
> Since I can trivially remove them from the database, it might make more 
> sense to simply limit the size of messages to gcc-bugs to 50k or 
> something.

I personally think some sort of limit on the system might be appropriate. 
Perhaps both a size limit and a limit on the number of PR's; it all 
depends on how inventive you feel...


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