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Re: Bootstrap failures on ia64 (was Re: Readiness of tree-ssa)

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Jim Wilson wrote:

> > !    AC_CHECK_LIB(unwind, _Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow, use_libunwind_default=yes, use_libunwind_default=no)
> We already tried that.  It doesn't work.  This uses the currently
> installed compiler to link a testcase with libunwind.  If the currently
> installed compiler is working, then it will provide a copy of
> _Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow if libunwind does not have it, and thus this
> test always succeeds making it useless.

Well, in my case, gcc 3.3 wouldn't have _Unwind_Resume_or_Rethrow and
Intel libunwind, too, so it would have catched this case at least.  I.e.
using the check as above will not miss libunwind that is ok more than the
test before, but _may_ detect incompatible libunwind.  I.e. it's always


> We can make this work if we directly run nm on the library instead of
> doing a link first.  However, that begs the question of how to find the
> library if we don't run the linker, and I don't know how to solve that
> problem.
> --
> Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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