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Readiness of tree-ssa

Just as another datapoint: we've got a number of people routinely compiling 
and running applications nightly. Off the top of my head, this would be 
Gerald, Guenther (POOMA), and me, and I'm certainly missing more. As far as I 
can see none of us has had much success with tree-ssa yet. 

I, for one, have repeatedly been stuck with ICEs and have never been able to 
compile my library completely. Neither have my PRs been fixed overly quickly 
(not that I would be entitled to this, it's just a request since I can't test 
with a compiler that's continually broken; my latest report is PR 13681). I 
can't say anything about speed or correctness of the generated code, of 

I understand and appreciate that the tree-ssa people are putting a significant 
amount of work into the branch. However, I'd like to propose postponing the 
merge until at least the testers inside the gcc project are reasonably happy 
with the branch. Whatever they will find, we'll get as reports later anyway, 
but this way we could make sure that it's fixed before it propagates to the 

Wolfgang Bangerth              email:  

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