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Re: gcc 3.5 integration branch proposal

On Jan 20, 2004, Mike Stump <> wrote:

>> How can you do PCH with distcc, if distcc just ships the preprocessed
>> sources to the remote box?

> :-)  You'd be interested in our magic -fpch-preprocess option.

Way cool!  I've either missed it or completely forgotten about it.

>> Usage of distcc simply disables PCH for me.  Are you hiding any
>> patches from the rest of us, that embed PCH data in the
>> preprocessor output?

> Yes.

But you were not hiding them, after all :-) :-)

Thanks for the pointer.

> No, it is fairly safe and not the default.  It does require that
> distcc know to put on one extra option, but I thought that was best,
> too many users of -E otherwise.

Actually, it just requires the addition of the option of CFLAGS, which
is fine, since it's a do-nothing should distcc choose to run locally.
I really, really like it.

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