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Re: gcc 3.5 integration branch proposal

On Jan 20, 2004, Geoffrey Keating <> wrote:

>> Err...  And under what kind of logic is getting the compiler slower
>> not a waste of time for every GCC developer (that has to bootstrap and
>> test the whole thing for every patch) and user (that runs GCC to build
>> their own applications).

> I didn't say the developer should make GCC slower.  I said the
> developer should not worry about performance on *old* machines.
> Performance on *new* machines is still a concern.  They are often not
> the same thing.

I don't see how making GCC faster on new machines wouldn't speed
things up on slower machines.  Hmm...  Except for refraining from
recomputing stuff over and over by setting aside some memory to hold
the computed value.  This is fine for machines with lots of memory,
but not for memory-starved machines, which are more likely to be the
slow ones.  But then, for a sufficiently large testcase, setting such
memory aside might cause even fast and big-memory boxes to get

Do you have other situations in mind?

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