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Re: Question regarding mipsisa32r2 instruction set

At Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:33:02 +0000 (UTC), "Mile Davidovic" wrote:
> In the ChangeLog of gcc-3.4 I saw that gcc now support mipsisa32r2
> instruction set. When can we expect release version of gcc-3.4?

it has minimal support for mips32 release 2.  In particular, it
recognizes the ISA name and can now generate the ISA's rotate
instructions.  Support for the bit insert and extract, and the byte
shuffle isntructions is not yet implemented.

> AFAIK gcc-3.3 sourcetree does not support mipsisa32r2 instruction set,
> am I correct? Is it possible to add support for mipsisa32r2 in
> gcc-3.3.2 source tree?

Probably yes; it's just software after all.  Nobody's planning to do
it, though, AFAIK.

> Does anybody have some information about difference in mipsisa32 and
> mipsisa32r2 target or can provide me some links about it?

See the documentation on

In their processor architecture documentation, they do document the
extensions in release 2.


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