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Re: m68k bootstrapping broken

>> It won't be that hard to make it work for a 5206e/5272/528x/5249, at
>> least from the core perspective(just need to add the div/mod
>> instructions and the extra v2 insn for the 528x).  Adding in the v4
>> instructions shouldn't be too hard either.
>Yes, but I think the emulator also lacks the required infrastructure
>to select multiple CPUs at run-time.

Yes, it does.  Its all trade;  do you add ColdFire bits to UAE and then
go through the hassle of getting uClinux to boot, or do you add the
other bits to the emulator at lightbox.  I understand that performance
of the emulator at lightbox can be improved, and I see ways to speed
it up, or do we take all ot the above and produce one frm scratch that
has the benifit of being usable as a simulator by GDB?

I'm happy to go in any direction, I just want to know its the right
one :-)  As a side note, I've already started on building a UAE style
instruction decoder for ColdFire, and have a decoder that produces a
full table for V4. It should be pretty trivial to have it genreate the
table at startup based on which CPU model you want...

Peter Barada

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