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Re: m68k bootstrapping broken

Richard Zidlicky wrote:

I couldn't ever build GCC *on* uClinux: my only ColdFire board has
just 4MB of ram and 2MB of flash ;-)

might still be enough to try a crosscompiled cc1 natively?

Not at all: after loading the kernel and running a shell, free memory drops to 2.5MB, which is *far* less than the mere size of cc1's text segment, to say nothing about the run-time footprint :-)

I'd like to experiment with a ColdFire 5200 simulator to see if
I can get it to work with remote dejagnu.  It's slow like hell though.

btw, since you're one of the few who can test GCC 3.4 on m68k-linux, would you mind to review some of these PRs? I've recently checked some of them to see if I could help, but (un)fortunately none of them affect my targets:

Hmmm... I'd suspect anything that changes or the target
hooks in m68k.h.  Perhaps linux.h overrides something that
interacts with register allocation?

Linux has different register usage for function call returns but only scratch registers are involved. Other than that there is nothing close to suspicious.

Then all m68k targets should be seing the same ICE, which is not the case.

It's way possible that the real problem might be somewhere in the
middle-end, but it's most probably being triggered by the m68k-linux
specific configuration.

Changes in register allocation are likely candidates because they
make code generation take different paths.

 // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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