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Re: m68k bootstrapping broken

>Yeah, that's the one I was referring to.  Being able to run uClinux
>in the emulator is amazing, but it's much slower than the real thing.

It's not that slow when you run it on a honking x86 box!

>A nice project would be porting it to the GDB simulator infrastructure,
>but I realized it would be a lot of work.  Besides, it only emulates a
>5200, which renders it almost useless for automated GCC regression

It won't be that hard to make it work for a 5206e/5272/528x/5249, at
least from the core perspective(just need to add the div/mod
instructions and the extra v2 insn for the 528x).  Adding in the v4
instructions shouldn't be too hard either.

I've looked at porting it over to GDB, and came to the same conclusion
about the scale of work required. It's probably easier to start over
using the GDB simulator framework.

Anyone game to help on that?

>Another possibility could be porting the UAE emulation core instead.
>It doesn't handle ColdFire processors, but adding the CF instruction
>set shouldn't be too much work.  The real issue is emulating all the
>ColdFire peripherals :-(

Do we really need all the peripherals?  Just the serial ports should do.
Besides, the UAE doesn't handle the GDB simulator framework either.

Peter Barada

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