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Re: Patch for Bug No-8081

"Sitikant Sahu, Noida" <> writes:

>>However, I think there's still a problem here - there wasn't anything
>>wrong with the code you replaced, it was just being run in the wrong
>>set of circumstances.  What the old comment is trying to say is, "This
>>block of code only works for fixed size structure types.  This is fine
>>because we can't ever get here with a variable sized type because our
>>caller should have given us a target."  Which, it turns out, is not 
>    Actually, when the size of the structure is fixed, it also doesn't flow
> through the old code either.In that case it flows through another path.The
> old code here will be like a dead code.So I believe it is better not to have
> the old code at this position. 

That surprises me.  You did the right thing in that case - but I think
a bit of historical investigation is in order, to find out what that
code was intended to do and why it's there.  Could you do that please?


p.s.  Do you have a copyright assignment on file with the FSF?  We
can't take your patch until you do.

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