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Re: RTL/tree (from gcc) and Scheme

Valery A.Khamenya wrote:

The very same approach has Bigloo:
but Bigloo has problem with compilation in run-time, i.e. it has
preliminary compilation before run and no ability to compile function
in a run-time up to native code.

Has kawa the same problem?

You asked for a GCC front-end for Scheme. That by definition means "preliminary compilation before run" - that's what GCC does.

Now you're asking for being able "to compile function in a run-time
up to native code."  That's a completely unrelated problem with a
different set of issues.  I can think of two solutions if using
* Kawa (I don't know about Bigloo) will compile to bytecode at run-time.
A modern Java VM will Just-in-Time (JIT) compile the bytecode the native
code in-time fly.
* You can compile the bytecode, save them in a file, invoke Gcj to
create a DLL, and load that at run-time.  At least in theory and with
a little bit of work - I don't know if anyone has done it.

Q2.2. Is RTL/Tree suitable for run-time usage?

PB> No.



Because your question doesn't make sense. RTL and Tree are data structures internal to the GCC compiler. They are not designed for anything else. -- --Per Bothner

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