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RTL/tree (from gcc) and Scheme

Hello developers of gcc and all,

  only recently I've found that RTL - an intermediate front end output
  is a Lisp-like language :-)

  My main questions are:

  Q1. were there any efforts on adding Scheme or CommonLisp to a GCC's
      front ends family?

  Q2. Is RTL/Tree suitable for functional languages?

In particular
  Q2.1. Is RTL/Tree suitable for tail recursion optimizations?
  Q2.2. Is RTL/Tree suitable for run-time usage?

  Q2.3. Is RTL/Tree suitable for having function as a return value?


  Q3. Are there any group of gurus in area able and motivated to add
      Scheme (or even CommonLisp) to GCC family? (if any, we could
      create at least a page at and collect all
      related info there needed for very beginning)

  My motivation is to have a good Scheme and CommonLisp
  implementations. "Good" means in particular "with run-time
  compilation to an effective native code". As effective as gcc is.
  CMUCL and SBCL implementation of CommonLisp can do a lot but they
  have problems with portability issue (e.g. they are not ported to
  win32 still). It would be just perfect if a power of
  portability of GCC's family of languages could be also obtained for
  a Lisp family. I collect info on this issue here: Please feel free to modify this page
  by accessing the html-like source:

  A priori, thank you for all constructive and positive answers

  P.S. Please CC answers to me, thanks!
Best regards,
Valery A.khamenya                 mailto: khamenya at mail dot ru

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