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Release criteria (was: PATCH for Re: Solaris 8/SPARC bootstrap brokenbuilding 64-bit libgcc)

[ gcc->gcc-patches, Cc: trimmed ]

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Rainer Orth wrote:
> Besides, aside from news.html (with a link to gcc-3.1/criteria.html), there
> seems to be no link to any of those criteria.html files at all ;-(  They
> certainly need to be linked somewhere so this information is not only found
> by accident.

I intentionally didn't link any criterial.html file from a prominent place
because it was clear (to me) that the criteria were not really up-to-date
and we were not taking them really serious as far as performing the various
tests are concerned.

That's something we should revisit for 3.4 after 3.3.1 is out the door,
and in fact I suspect that Mark will want to suggest some updated criteria
for GCC 3.4, so I think we ought to defer the creating of
until then.

(If Mark tells me otherwise, I'll of course copy over the previous
criteria and link them from the main page right away.)


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