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Re: removing old snapshot CVS tags? (was: gcc_latest_snapshot CVStag)

>> We might consider removing old snaphot CVS tags, for example, all that
>> are older than 18 or 24 months.
> Before removing any bit of history from the repository, please put a
> self-consistent snapshot of the repository from before the removal in
> old-releases/old-cvs on the FTP site (to stay there permanently).

Instead of doing that and placing it on a server/tape/... that might be hard 
to find, why not just create a file for every tag deleted that records the 
revision number of all files that had this tag? It would be trivial to write 
a script that uses these revision numbers to check out a version of each file 
that corresponded to the removed tag.

Plus, these files could be stored within the CVS tree itself, making the 
information available to everyone who can check out the tree. No need to 
search for obscure archive places. If these files are stored in compressed 
form, they shouldn't take up much space either.


Wolfgang Bangerth              email:  

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