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Re: RFC: attribute "unpadded"

On Fri, Aug 23, 2002 at 11:07:09AM -0700, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> > > Can you specify for the record what you are talking about here?
> > 
> > We are under contract to deliver a C++ ABI testsuite that we believe will
> > be very comprehensive.  We anticipate completing the work by the end of
> > FY2002.  We anticipate that the results of the testsuite will be available
> > to GCC developers.
> That's nice to know, thanks. I was previously unaware of this effort. 
> Is this something that will be in addition to, or in replacement of, the
> make-check abi work for libstdc++ and the thoughts to make the vlad
> cosistency checks work again?
> There seem to be other people working on this. If there is a specific
> plan, then perhaps it could be less work for everyone.

I agree.  I've been looking into ways to test compiler consistency.  I
started writing up the issues involved and possible testing approaches
(see and plan to turn
that into useful documentation, as well as a place to record what
testing is available.  If this is redundant with your efforts then I'd
like to know soon so I can work on something else instead.

Will your testsuite itself be available to GCC developers, or just the
results that you get by running it yourself on a limited number of


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