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Duplicate data objects in shared libraries

"David Abrahams" <> writes:

> When I added the initializer as you suggest, the "C" language example
> produces the same results as the C++ one.

And not surprisingly so. Still, to make you better understood, I
recommend that you:
a) put all object files into a single directory,
b) in the C-only case (weak.tgz), drop the path to gcc - this has
   nothing to do with a specific gcc release
c) drop the usage of C99 features in main.c (declare all variables
   at top)
d) if you want to keep the template example in the discussion:
   drop the path to g++ (it's not specific for a g++ release, either)

[it turns out that you can also drop the __attribute__((weak)) in the
C example; it does not contribute to the behaviour]

I somewhat lost track as to what your problem is, though: earlier, you
said you accept that static members of class templates might be
duplicated at run-time, and that your problem is only with things you
cannot control (such as typeinfo objects). Why are static members of
template classes suddenly a problem?

Also, where do you suspect the bug now? GCC? glibc? Python? Your own


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