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Re: Minimal GCC/Linux shared lib + EH bug example

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 12:02:46PM -0700, Joe Buck wrote:
> Matt Austern writes:
> > There are at least two interesting questions we might ask:
> >   (1) what should a future version of the C++ standard say
> >       about dynamic libraries?
> >   (2) considering what the standard says right now, and
> >       recognizing that we're talking about behavior outside
> >       the scope of the standard, what behavior for gcc would
> >       best serve users on a linux/ELF platform?
> There's a hybrid question as well, since both C++ and ELF have standards.
> C++ has the one-definition rule, which is contradicted by the way weak
> symbols work in ELF, so we have a tension between two standards.
> So:
> 	what should a future version of the ELF standard say
> 	about C++ dynamic libraries?
> as it seems that any compiler targeting an OS that supports ELF
> should provide the same semantics.

Please check out the current gABI for weak symbols. If gcc can provide
the detailed description how weak symbols should work for g++ and how
different it is from the gABI, I can look into it for binutils and


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