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SPEC 2004 submission and GCC project


As you may know the SPEC 2004 program search is on its way.
At work I do equity derivative numerical code using the GCC
back-end via GNAT with support from Ada Core Technologies on a
variety of platforms, and I'm in the process of suggesting that
we submit some code representative of what we do to SPEC 2004
(we believe our software is state of the art, but we'll stay with published
algorithm for obvious reasons in this field :)

I noticed that there is a small amount of money to gain, and
I'd like to propose to my company to sollicit some GCC people input
on our code (it will be C and in the thousand SLOC range but with no
single hot spot)  about portability and optimization
and in exchange to donate the money won if any to the FSF.

What does the GCC people and the SC think about this, should I
move forward on my proposal and try to get it accepted by my management,
or should I forget about it and just do the thing ourselves (I'll try
to get the donation to FSF anyway :)?

Another thing,

For each step of the process that a submission passes, SPEC will 
compensate the
Program Submitter (in recognition of the submitter's effort and skill).
A submission that passes all of the steps and is included in the next 
benchmark suite will receive $5000 overall and a license for the new 
suite when released.

It might be interesting for the GCC project to submit an up to date
GCC to SPEC and try to get a SPEC license and the money, is the license 
new this time? GCC is already in SPEC, who did submit it? At a first glance
I find nothing about 176.gcc in:



Laurent Guerby <>

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