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Re: Is this supposed to work, or am I loopy?

> <<In most respects, Linux closely copied the Solaris (or SVR4) shared library
> implementation.  Almost all of the other features are exactly the same.
> Those of us who've used Sun machines for years don't see the reason for
> gratuitous differences.
> >>
> Seriously, I think you would get further if you make a well informed
> well reasoned argument for a change.

What I'm saying is that the difference is gratuitous and is caused by
the gcc driver.

On both Solaris and Linux, the linker understands the -R switch and
treats it identically.  On Solaris, the gcc driver accepts -R and
passes it through to the linker.  On Linux, the gcc driver rejects -R.
That is, the two OSes would have identical behavior, except that for
some reason gcc decides to treat them differently.  There is no reason
for gcc to impose this difference.

On both Solaris and Linux, the command

gcc -Wl,-Rblah ...

works identically.  However, on Solaris, the -Wl, can be omitted, but not
on Linux.  Why the difference?  It is gratuitous!  It only exists because
of gcc.

Now do you understand what I am saying?

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