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"introduce no new bootstrap warning" criteria. was: Loop iv debugging patch

Re: "introduce no new bootstrap warning" criteria. was: Loop ivdebugging patch

RE: "introduce no new bootstrap warning" criteria. was: Loopiv debugging patch

Re: "introduce no new bootstrap warning" criteria. was: Loop iv debugging, patch

Re: "introduce no new bootstrap warning" criteria. was: Loop ivdebugging, patch

"This configuration is not supported ..."

#including <tchar.h> using gcc on Cygwin

$$ in parse.y question(c++)


-fno-weak, typeinfo, and AIX

-MD and -MMD

-std's (was Re: v3 link failures analyzed)

2.95 and UWIN

Re: 2.95.3 and Debian patches to 2.95.2

<arch>-protos.h, why?


Re: [C++ patch]: virtual overriders and using

[C++] another testcase for long compile times

[gcc website] 2.5.8 missing in timeline

[ghudson@MIT.EDU: Re: -Xlinker and LDFLAGS]

[PATCH] Building cross compiler Linux/i386 -> sh-elf fails

Re: [PATCH] Fix set_designator breakage

[PATCH] Re: cpp(lib) vs. pedantic warnings vs. -Werror.

[REQUEST] g77 & fortran dependencies

Re: [RFA] Dependency output with -MMD/-MD and -o

[RFA] Silence some warnings [was Re: "introduce no new bootstrap..."]


[RFC] Let's kill specs, completely rewrite gcc.c

[RFC] New intermediate languages

__i386__ not defined

__inline__ keyword in 3.0+?


_Qp_xxx functions for sparc

`Cpp: 'ICOM_FN(##xfn)' generates a warning :-(

about gcc & ld

About libiberty: binutils or gcc?

About object file conversion

Abstracting pointer arithmetic

AIX and V3

AIX Status

AIX status?

alpha-openbsd question

Another build problem under hpux 10.20 with current cvs source

Any testsuite for an architecture with 20-bit pointer in length?

ar: arg list too long

are the -lang-c, etc switches still supported?

ARM gcc

Assigning registers to variables in inlines

Re: atomicity.h problem with AIX 4.2.2

Backend extension for S390

bad C in output_predicate_decls

boehm-gc typo fix

Bootstrap comparison failure on gcc-2.95.3.test1

Bootstrap comparison failure on i686-linux

bootstrap comparison failure on Solaris

Bootstrap comparison failures

bootstrap fails with FreeBSD make

bootstrap logic changes

Re: Bootstrap status of 2.95.3.test3 and 3.0 on many host types

Bootstrap status of 2.95.3test2 and 3.0 on many host types

bootstraps broken during last 24 hours

Branch for new allocator?

Branch testing

Branching for GCC 3.0

Re: Broken Canadian crosses

Bug in dwarf2out.c:output_file_names()

Re: Bug in loop optimize (invalid postinc to preinc transformation)

bug or feature ?

Bug winsock?

Buggy mmap test

bugs in toy compiler

Re: build tree nodes vs expand as you go

build_nt and build_parse_node

Building 3.0 branch on HP-UX 10.20

builtin_return_addr vs frame_pointer_needed vs -O3

bzip2 and GCC 2.95.2


c++ exception spec bug

C++ Hello World segfaults

C++ mangler bug?

C++ member function pointers in ISO C++

Cache size and optimization in gcc

Call for Testers: mmap autoconf logic

call_value pattern

cc0 question

coding style, continuing education

Re: COFF debugging info bug

COLLECT_GCC and friends

compilation for files > 2Gb

Configure and compile gcc2.95.2 for ARM (Thumb + ARM instr)

confusing diagnostics

Copyright dates

Copyright years

cpp problem with asm

cpp(lib) vs. pedantic warnings vs. -Werror.

cpp.texi problems

Re: cpplib and endianness problems

Re: cpplib: Nix -g3.

Cross compiling gcc for powerpc-eabi on i686-pc-cygwin32 host

current hpux status

CVS and alpha-dec-osf5.0

cvs/ssh random observation

Default options

dejagnu for SCO Open Server 5

Different language frontends and fancy_abort()

Re: disabling branch probability guessing (patch)

Re: disabling branch probability guessing (patch) [another patch]

documentation of g++ name mangling

documenting changes to the front-end interface (was: Remove make_function_rtl)

Re: documenting changes to the front-end interface (was: Removemake_function_rtl)

Re: documenting changes to the front-end interface (was:Remove make_function_rtl)

Re: documenting libiberty

Doesnot running SMP kerenl-2.4.0

dynamic library loading and c++ exception

dynamic library loading and c++ excpetion part 2 ;)

egcs-2.91.66, templates and member function pointers

Re: egcs/gcc ChangeLog emit-rtl.c function.c funct ...

embedded version numbers

erro in pthread.h

error en la documentacion...

Error messages explanations?

Exception handling in C++

Exception problem in C++

exception_receiver in i386.md

ezmlm warning

Re: FAIL: gcc.c-torture/execute/950628-1.c execution, -O1

Failure on hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00 -Re: gcc-ss-20010108 is now available

Failure on hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00 -Re: gcc-ss-20010129 is now available

fastjar build problems

fastjar requires regex.h...


First 2.95.3 test release available

fixincl problem

Re: forcing tail/sibling call optimization

forget *documenting* libiberty -- how about *installing* it?

Fortran compiler does not compile

fstream.ignore() bug?

Fujitsu FR30

Functions returning structure with float on sparc64

FWIW: gcc-2.95.3 strtol fix

g++ 2.95 typeinfo::name()

g++ optimization bug?

g77 & Largefiles

g77 Command -- duplications

g77 querry...

Re: GC changes

gcc -v

gcc 2.95.2


gcc 2.95.3-test2 strange interaction between -O3 and -fPIC

GCC 3.0 Branch and Call For Volunteers

GCC 3.0 Branch Status

GCC 3.0 Status

Re: GCC 3.0 Status (IA-64)

gcc and openstep 4.2

Re: GCC build failed with your patch on 2001-01-09T11:35:00Z.

gcc current CVS - mktemp is dangerous

gcc DWARF debug info for PowerPC

gcc Dynamic Linked Binary for HP-UX 10.20

gcc error listing

gcc is very slow for me.

gcc manuals -vs- @dircategory

gcc on OSR5 status. was: bootstraps broken during last 24 hours

Re: gcc on OSR5 status. was: bootstraps broken during last 24 hours

Re: gcc snapshots -vs- java libraries

gcc suited for DSP architectures?

GCC VAX port maintainership

gcc version 2.97 20010119 utter failure

gcc, floating point and linux kernel module

gcc-20010115/hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00 bootstrap fails

gcc-ss-20010101 is now available

gcc-ss-20010108 is now available

gcc-ss-20010115 is now available

gcc-ss-20010122 is now available

gcc-ss-20010129 is now available

gdb & Mercury (was: live range splitting)

gdb versus gcc libiberty

getopt declaration in getopt.h

Re: Getting GCC's testsuite, i.e., dejagnu, under cygwin-1.1.7


Re: Graph coloring for register allocation

Graph coloring for register allocation?

handling of config #defines

Re: Hashing of "switch/case" selections

Hello, world! from AIX

Help me

Help needed

help needed for bootstrap ..

Help needed on basic gcc compiling and a.out

Help with new builtin

HELP! FreeBSD g++ multi-threaded application?

Hiding symbol on dynamic shared objects

How can I shorten time out during "make check"?

How to stop gcc padding structs???

How to use branch registers in IA-64?

How to use the garbage collector?

howto terminate a compilation?

HPUX 11 in GCC 3.0 ?

HPUX status?

HPUX/Solaris status

I mounted /ohio.a on tigris (readonly)

i686-pc-cygwin32 successful

ia64 projects

If this code supposed to be well-formed?

implicit integer casts

In Digests, Differentiating Original Message and Replies

in search of clue regarding -fcheck-memory-usage

initial patch to install libiberty headers

initializing eh

initializing eh (2)

Inline function in while expression not evaluated

Inlining problem

Installation of GCC

Internal compiler error in `reverse_condition', at jump.c:3260 , i80x86, using asm()

Internal compiler error in set_designator, at c-typeck.c:5570

Internal error in size_binop

Is this a gcc bug?

Is this supposed to work, or am I loopy?

istream bug

Re: Istream bug

Java Mailing Lists and Web Pages

Java symbol mangling

Java web pages

Java: New C++ compatibility changes.

lame feature request: option to disable multiline C++ comments

Language-specific tree nodes

LAPACK 3.0-20000531 on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu

Latest CVS snapshot build troubles

libstdc++ licensing

libstdc++-v3 testing problem

Re: libsupc++

Linker error - missing _start

Linus Torvalds

Linux Programming

Live range splitting in new allocator

mail to nathan

main() in toplev.c

Makefile problem

makeinfo version

Making libstdc++-v3 configure faster

Making libstdc++-v3 faster (was Re: AIX and V3)

mangling local variable names

The Manual on Extentions to the C Language Family

Mercury and toy compiler.

Mercury front-end

mirror update

Mmap tests on the Hurd

More AIX news

More stats on new reg allocator

Multi-line strings to be included in -Wall?

Namespace level TYPE_DECLs for typedefs

naming convention for cc1, cc1plus, etc.

Need graph coloring code

New autoconf tests - let's try this again

new cross compile

Re: New dejagnu snapshot required (was: Possible patch for: dejagnu forSCO Open Server 5)

New dejagnu snapshot required (was: Possible patch for: dejagnuforSCO Open Server 5)

Re: New GCC regressions

New libstdc++v3 failure during bootstrap

New name mangling in g++

New register allocator branch created

Re: New register allocator branch created (fwd)

Not a direct bug

Number of registers on x86

Re: numerical value of comparison results

ObjC configured --with-objc-gc needs external Boehm gc

Object file formats, compilers and linkers

object file splitting for space optimization

Objective-C, Win32, dll, objc_exec_class and objc_load_callback

OSR 5.0.6 bootstrap fails

OT: Undefined versioned symbol

Re: pa reload problem

The pain of committing ChangeLogs...

Re: patch: <bits/localefwd.h> with -fno-exceptions

Re: Patch: cvs commits -vs- java-cvs list

PATCH: install/test.html


pending_lang_change duplication?

Perplexing Build Problem (may be OT)

The placement of __attribute__ confuses g++

Plans for ABI migration

Please Help me!

please send gcc source to me.

Political correctness ? Re: Linux Programming

Possible bug inheriting std::logic_error

Possible patch for: dejagnu for SCO Open Server 5

PowerPC assigning hard regs to things all of the sudden

Precompiled headers (or other speed ups)

Preferred library when compiling gcc

Preliminary results on new register allocator

Re: preprocessor doc error...

Preprocessor woes

preview of upcoming GC changes

Problem building for rs6000

Problem building G++ from CVS under AIX 4.2.1

Problem compiling gcc on solaris 2.8

problem compiling Qt

Problem Moving Shared Objects Linked With Absolute Paths

Problem with compiling gcc-20010122 snapshot

Problem with CVS?

problem with gcc

Problem with gcc-2.95 on HP-UX 11.00

Problems with GCC 2.95.2 on HP-UX 11.00

Progress report on fixup_var_refs bottleneck

Projects for beginners

Purpose of print_node() function (defined in gcc/print_tree.c)


a question

a question...


RANLIB_TEST in gcc/Makefile?

RE. howto terminate a compilation?

redhat rawhide

redundant % signs in output_operand_lossage

Re: Register rename and hppa return

RE: reject from gcc list

Relocatable code

Removal of support for GCC hosted on UWIN

Re: Removal of support for GCC hosted on UWIN (fwd)

Request for Kernel Cousin GCC

RFC: Jump to const_int

rtl_for_decl_location leaf register problems



Re: Running tests with multiple options

scratch registers for peephole2

Searching for libC.so.5

Second test release of gcc-2.95.3 now available

segfault in __libc_start_main when compiling f77 and c code together?

Selective LibC

Series and gcc

SH -Os patch

SH code suboptimal

sh-elf doesn't support objc?

should libiberty's license be changed from 2 -> 2.1?

Should MMX/SSE support works in current CVS?

Should we make "implicit declaration of function" a mandatory warning?

Re: Should we make "implicit declaration of function" a mandatorywarning?

Simple program won't compile

Simple question: Can't I cast to a base class?

Slow access to CVS tree

Solaris objc failures (Re: HPUX/Solaris status)

Some problems with gcc-2.97 20010108

Speed of java interpreter in libjava/interpret.cc

static initializers and fold()

Still trying to build gcc-20010115 on OSF 4.0d

Strange stack handling

Strength reduction costs for autoincrement generation

Subject: Re: Projects for beginners

Subreg-byte patches (was: Branching for GCC 3.0)

switches with no default case

template + mysql++

Testsuite and Fortran

Re: Testsuite documentation

Re: Testsuite: further observations

Testsuite: regress-demangle

Third prerelease of gcc-2.95.3 available

This might sound dumb/GCC 3.00 branch

thread support on by default ?

tmpnam and mkstemp

To link lib2.0

Token pasting

A token pasting corner case?

too much GCSE in ia64

Re: too much GCSE on ia64

Trigraph warnings when compiling linux-2.4.0-prerelease1

Trouble with inline void function using asm


Trying to build gcc-20010115 on alpha osf4.0d

Trying to understand ggc-page vs. ggc-simple

type mismatch in conditional expression...used to compile fine

Unplanned gcc.gnu.org downtime

unsubscribe me

Updates to ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/infrastructure/

Updating local copy

Using text2pod.pl in another GNU package

value of $CXX when building libraries



Re: Warning Messages (was: Is this a gcc bug?)

What happens if EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX differs between host and target?

What is exactly in O2?


What to do about macppc-unknown-netbsd...

where are includes?

where can I find GCC linker on gcc-2.95.2-sol8-sparc-local.gz for Solaris 8 on Sparc machine?

Re: where to document makefile targets?

WHINE: gcc 2.95.3 release process

Re: wrong comment in */lang_options.h

Your change of September 11, 1998

Re: Your mingw32 patch...

Your regmove.c patch is broken

Zero-length arrays

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