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Re: Installing egcs-1.1.2

I am not an exprienced unix user. Therefore I am getting confused.
Can't you be more specific? Then I will be very delightfull.
What should I do after I unpacked egcs-1.1.2 full distribution package in
a directory called egcs-1.1.2?
And I don't have any previosly installed cc compiler.


On 29 Nov 2000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> On Nov 29, 2000, wrote:
> > #mkdir objdir
> > #cd objdir
> > #srcdir/configure [target] [options]
> > with the respons:
> > #No match
> You're actually supposed to replace objdir, srcdir, [target] and
> [options] with whatever is appropriate for your site.  objdir is
> supposed to be the name of a temporary directory in which you're going
> to build GCC.  srcdir is the directory containing the source tree.
> [target] is the optional flag specifying the target platform for which
> the compiler should generate code.  If you omit it, GCC will generate
> code for the platform on which it's being built.  [options] is a list
> of configure-time options you can use to customize GCC.  Run
> `configure --help' in the top-level and in the GCC sub-directory for a
> relatively complete list of the options, but also check the docs.
> > ***The command 'cc -o conftest -g conftest.c' failed
> > ***You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler  "
> > How can I set the environment variable CC to a working compiler?
> If you've already got an installed compiler, for example, an older
> version of gcc, Use `setenv CC gcc' or `CC=gcc; export CC', depending
> on which shell you use.  If you don't have a compiler, you must
> download a pre-compiled binary in order to be able to compile GCC
> yourself.
> > Do you think I can use GCC 2.95 for the same purpose?
> It's very likely that you'll find the C++ support in GCC 2.95.2 far
> better than that of egcs 1.1.2.
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