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Re: Installing egcs-1.1.2

On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 12:40:32PM +0100, wrote:
> I am not an exprienced unix user. Therefore I am getting confused.
> Can't you be more specific? Then I will be very delightfull.
> What should I do after I unpacked egcs-1.1.2 full distribution package in
> a directory called egcs-1.1.2?

As Alexandre and Gerald already pointed out: don't use egcs-1.1.2, but
go for gcc-2.95.2. It's newer and has better C++ support.

> And I don't have any previosly installed cc compiler.

In that case you have two choices:

- Buy the SGI MipsPRO compilers. SGI has nice rebates for universities,
  their "Varsity" program is about 700 Euro per machine and gives you
  access to almost all SGI software. Ask your SGI dealer for details. 
  Advantage: you get allmost all SGI software. Disadvantage: it will
  cost you money and you still have to compile gcc-2.95.2 yourself.
- Get the precompiled gcc-2.95.2 binary from the SGI freeware site. See . You still need the SGI
  assembler and linker, but you get them for free on your IRIX CDs that
  came with the machine. Be sure to read the "description and notes" at . Advantage: you
  don't have to compile gcc-2.95.2 yourself. Disadvantage: none, as far
  as I know.

In both cases you need to be root to install the software. Because you
aren't an experienced UNIX user, you'd better ask your system
administrator for help.


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