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genattrab memory usage


this patch of yours

> Mon Aug 28 01:16:16 CEST 2000  Jan Hubicka  <>
>         * genrecog.c (write_tree): Output code to clear insn_extract cache.
>         * genattrtab.c (write_attr_case): Gen call to extract_insn_cache
>         instead of extract_insn and extract_constrain_insn_cache instead of
>         extract_insn and constrain_operands.
>         * recog.c (extract_insn_cached, extract_constrain_insn_cached):
>         New functions.
>         (extract_insn): Clear which_alternative.
>         (constrain_operands): Set which_alternative to -1 when failed.
>         * recog.h (extract_constrain_insn_cached, extract_insn_cached):
>         Declare.

makes native bootstrap impossible under DJGPP - genattrtab consumes roughly about
85M memory with, while we can use only 65M for bootstraping. Maybe you
could suggest how to fix it, e.g. freeing the cache once memory allocation starts
failing? I'm not very familiar with this part of compiler, so any advices would be


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