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Re: forgotten embedded powerpc 3.1 2 line patch

David Edelsohn wrote:
>         Joel's patch changes the wrong macro.  To affect the option with
> which GNU Assembler is invoked, ASM_CPU_SPEC should be modified.
>         Obviously that option in GNU AS only exists in the latest Binutils
> release, but relying on the latest Assembler to for supporting those
> processors in the latest GCC release should be okay.

For multiple targets, the latest binutils is the only thing 
that can be  used with recent gcc's.

>         If the correct macro is changed, this patch is okay.
> David
>         P.S. Is this really so important that it cannot wait until GCC
> 3.1.1?

No except that I committed the wrong one when Mark said OK before
everyone spotted the mistake. :(  

Mark back it out or commit a fix.  It is solely your call
for 3.1.0.

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development                 On-Line Applications Research
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