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Re: forgotten embedded powerpc 3.1 2 line patch

Franz Sirl wrote:
> On Thursday 09 May 2002 22:50, David Edelsohn wrote:
> > >>>>> Franz Sirl writes:
> >
> > Franz> And it looks wrong to me, didn't you want to change ASM_CPU_SPEC?
> > And if you Franz> really meant CPP_CPU_SPEC, wouldn't it be better to use
> > -march=? Didn't we Franz> deprecate stuff like -m405?
> >
> >       -m405 for GAS or for GCC?  GAS may use something like that.
> He patched CPP_CPU_SPEC, so it's for GCC. That's why I asked if he patched the
> correct macro.

-m405 is for gas

bash-2.05$ powerpc-rtems-as --help
Usage: powerpc-rtems-as [option...] [asmfile...]
PowerPC options:
-u			ignored
-mpwrx, -mpwr2		generate code for POWER/2 (RIOS2)
-mpwr			generate code for POWER (RIOS1)
-m601			generate code for PowerPC 601
-mppc, -mppc32, -m603, -m604
			generate code for PowerPC 603/604
-m403, -m405            generate code for PowerPC 403/405
-m7400, -m7410, -m7450, -m7455
			generate code For PowerPC 7400/7410/7450/7455
-mppc64, -m620		generate code for PowerPC 620/625/630
-mppc64bridge		generate code for PowerPC 64, including bridge insns
-mbooke64		generate code for 64-bit PowerPC BookE
-mbooke, mbooke32	generate code for 32-bit PowerPC BookE
-mpower4		generate code for Power4 architecture


Thanks for spotting my mistake Franz. 

> Franz.

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   Support Available             (256) 722-9985

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