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"Cannot generate reloads"

"initializer element is not constant" problem

+ should strip lvalue

-fomit-frame-pointer is evil

-mthumb-interwork and weak function symbols


3.0.3: problems with non-default CFLAGS > segfault persisits

3.0: --enable-languages=c,c++,objc runs Fortran testsuite

3.1 Build failure on i586-pc-linux-gnu


[C++ patch] typedef'd bitfields

[libstdc++] Problems with priority_queues (patch included)

[ObjC PATCH: RFA] Re: bug in objc runtime handling categories

[PATCH]crt1.asm- _stack symbol causes problem for SH-ELF-Pl. refer accepted patch at newlib by Jeff J.

Fw: [PATCH]crt1.asm-remove stack symbol definition for SH

[PATCH]Remove stack symbol definition from crt files for SH

Re: About '-elf2flt'

Re: ada/4851: GNAT crashs on certain argument lines

ada/5201: Store motion broken

ada/5216: gnatlink make fails because sdefault.adb is missing

Ada: problem with use of $(srcdir) in ada Makefiles

Re: AIX regressions

Any success building cross ARM gcc on HPUX?

ARM memcpy on unaligned pointers and -O2

Binutils actions? binutils/debug.c miscompiled with 2.95.4 < gcc < 3.0.2 in i386/ia32.

Bootstrap broken

Bootstrap failure on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 configuring libstdc++

Bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu configuring libstdc++

bootstrap failure with gcc-3.0.3, binutils-2.11.2, and Solaris 8

bootstrap problem on Solaris 2.7

Re: bootstrap/1807: make bookstrap fails on HP-UX 10.20

Re: bootstrap/2174: configure --enable-languages=c,c++,g77,objc does not fail

Re: bootstrap/2991: Bootstrap error (Forbidden identifiers: sparc sun unix)

Re: bootstrap/3228: bootstrap of gcc 3.0 fails in libstdc++ on tru64 unix 5.0

Re: bootstrap/3250: gcc 3.0 will not compile on SPARC Solaris 2.5.1 system

Re: bootstrap/3255: gcc-3.0 fails to build on HP-UX 10.20 using gcc-2.95.2

Re: bootstrap/3288: Segmentation fault when building bootstrap (../../gcc/cp/decl.c:6636: Internal error: Segmentation Fault)

Re: bootstrap/3303: gcc-3.0 bootstrap fails using GNU ld on Solaris

Re: bootstrap/3362: HP-UX 11.0 w/ gcc-3.0 build problems

Re: bootstrap/3388: 3.0 bootstrap failure, native sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1, fixinc/fixincl.c

Re: bootstrap/3449: segfault on compile

Re: bootstrap/3469: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Re: bootstrap/3479: gcc 3.0 ICE on arm multilib target

Re: bootstrap/3483: gcc 3.0 will not compile on Solaris 2.6 with tradcif.o error

Re: bootstrap/3577: errors when compiling on HP-UX 11.0

Re: bootstrap/3587: GCC 3.0-CVS multilib problem on arc-elf

Re: bootstrap/3588: GCC 3.0-CVS ICE on fr30-elf

Re: bootstrap/3627: multiple definition of `re_max_failures' on i386-Linux to build gcc-3.0

Re: bootstrap/3727: Compile error buildng gcc3.0 on Solaris2.8 UltraSpacIII

Re: bootstrap/3818: mksh reports fatal error in reader in directory objdir/sparc-sun-solaris2.7/libjava

Re: bootstrap/4032: i386-rtems 3.0-cvs regression

Re: bootstrap/4242: no longer able to build head-of-line from bootstrap

Re: bootstrap/4281: GLIBC 2.2.4 does not match with GCC 2.95.3 on compile time

Re: bootstrap/4288: 3.1 bootstrap fails after stage1 on sparc-sun-solaris28

Re: bootstrap/4385: `DEFAULT_ABI' undeclared during make bootstrap

Re: bootstrap/4394: MacOSX Internal error: Illegal instruction (program cc1)

Re: bootstrap/4422: stage1/xgcc:No such file or directory

Re: bootstrap/4469: bootstrap fails in config for libstdc++-v3; using gcc-3.0 but config says use gcc-3.0

Re: bootstrap/4480: after aboute 40 minutes "installing" gcc 3.0.1 chrashed suddenly.

Re: bootstrap/4581: ICE in change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:1757

Re: bootstrap/4727: dwarf2 debugging crashes cc1plus building libstdc++

Re: bootstrap/4747: Encounter errors while building 2.95 gcc on i386-pc-interix (version 2.2)

Re: bootstrap/4748: compilation error

Re: bootstrap/488: Problems Building GCC 2.95.2 on Concurrent Maxion (mips)

bootstrap/4989: Bootstrap on Linux x86 fails.

bootstrap/5039: build fails with RUSAGE_CHILDREN undeclared

Re: bootstrap/5043

bootstrap/5043: ICE compiling libgcc2.c on mips-sgi-irix6.5

bootstrap/5070: parsing gcc-**/gcc/builtin-attr.def

bootstrap/5072: xgcc for fr30 segfaults when building crosscompiler gcc3.0.2

bootstrap/5080: gcc/java/jcf-parse.c:908: `LC_CTYPE' undeclared (first use in this function)

bootstrap/5085: gmon-sol2.c:167: internal error: Segmentation Fault

bootstrap/5102: Bootsrap failure in libobjc with -finline-functions

bootstrap/5109: irix6.5 bootstrap failure

bootstrap/5112: gcc 20011210 snapshot fails to build for ia64-linux

bootstrap/5114: No rule to make target `gnu/gcj/runtime/StringBuffer.java'

bootstrap/5117: irix6.5 bootstrap failure when using SGI's compiler

bootstrap/5129: sparc64 cross-compile build fails

Re: bootstrap/5131: gcc 3.1 bootstrap on x86 fails for over a month

bootstrap/5139: bootstrap crashes build gcc/gcc/libgcc2.c

bootstrap/5149: gcc-20011217 reads beyond EOF on cygwin

bootstrap/5174: mkinstalldirs missing

bootstrap/5175: mkinstalldirs missing

bootstrap/5187: gcc 3.0.3 fails to bootstrap on Sun Ultra 60 with Solaris 8

Re: bootstrap/5187: gcc 3.0.3 fails to bootstrap on Sun Ultra 60with Solaris 8

Re: bootstrap/5187: gcc 3.0.3 fails to bootstrap on Sun Ultra 60with Solaris 8

Re: bootstrap/5187: gcc 3.0.3 fails to bootstrap on Sun Ultra 60withSolaris 8

bootstrap/5190: libgcc2.h test to see if TImode can be defined is insufficient

bootstrap/5191: libgcc2.h test to see if TImode can be defined is insufficient

bootstrap/5192: libgcc2.h test to see if TImode can be defined is insufficient

bootstrap/5205: gcc-3.0.3 (3.113) 64bit on HP-UX

bootstrap/5209: 3.0.3, arm-linux: segfault building libstdc++

bootstrap/5218: I can't get "make bootstrap" to build gcc.

broken $(MAKEFLAGS)



Bug in compiling 8139too kernel driver

Bug in gcc 3.0.2?

bug in objc runtime handling categories

Bug report : Build rs6000-ibm-aix4.3 cross compiler

Bug Report: GCC 3.0.2

C++ regression from stdlibc++ change

Re: c++/109: g++ 2.95.2 can't handle dependent friend member functions

Re: c++/152: g++ 2.95.2 rejects linkage specification in typedefs

Re: c++/1600: The placement of __attribute__ confuses g++

Re: c++/160: Reference variables not initialized correctly in constructor initializer list using , operator

Re: c++/164: bogus error throwing class with inaccessible base

Re: c++/1731: Internal compiler error 191 for inherited overloaded operator[] on NULL

Re: c++/1887: internal compilor error ???

Re: c++/189: parse error in qualified member name lookup

Re: c++/196: problem with: namespace N { class N {...}; }

Re: c++/2023: ICE in lookup_template_class, at cp/pt.c:3986

Re: c++/2121: [parser] Parse error

Re: c++/2295: Scope of rand function

Re: c++/2645: cvr qualifiers and typedef/typename/template reference types

Re: c++/2876: Internal error: Segmentation fault

Re: c++/3007: impossibility to discard "virtual" and/or to get to know, for which class(not instance) the method, currently being executed, has been called

Re: c++/3056: gcc 2.95.3 -- atexit not catching exit() call following longjmp

Re: c++/3069: ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2172

Re: c++/3145

Re: c++/3175: CTOR/DTOR Mismatch Error

Re: c++/3241: c++ core dump on large structure definitions.

Re: c++/3244: Exception handling fails in 2.95.2 and 2.95.3 in various ways

Re: c++/3310: RTTI dynamic_cast fails for dynamic modules with common lib.

Re: c++/335: gcc accepts assignment in read-only structures

Re: c++/3381: explicit template instantations fail with absolutely qualified names

Re: c++/3394: ICE in tree_low_cst, at tree.c:3462

Re: c++/3450: internal compiler error on my incorrect syntax

Re: c++/3524: Source can not be comiled using option -gdwarf

Re: c++/3579: virtual inheritance problem

Re: c++/35: template operator () lookup fails

Re: c++/3663: G++ doesn't check access control during template instanation

Re: c++/3664: Incorrect access control checking on static data members

Re: c++/3688: Somehow, an int is getting involved when getting sizeof a struct sockaddr variable.

Re: c++/3713: Pointers to functions or member functions are not folded

Re: c++/3716: Template parameters that are pointers to member functions

Re: c++/3735: g++ 3.0 conditional ? operator problem

Re: c++/3780: -Wswitch not working

Re: c++/3784: function not found if integer template parameter declared as unsigned in a different function

Re: c++/383: C++v2,96:member template conversion not implicit

Re: c++/3880: Problem with global int [][] arrays

Re: c++/3936: g++

Re: c++/3993: dynamic_cast<>() fails in simple test case w/ dynamic loading

Re: c++/4043: g++ seg fault with user basic_ostream constructor

Re: c++/4100: [parser] friend class

Re: c++/411: destructors of member objects not called when an exception is thrown in the destructor of the containing object.

Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to ...'

Re: c++/4135: Unable to link: "non-virtual thunk" in HPUX11 and AIX (gcc-3.0.1)

Re: c++/4201: Link error "undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk"

Re: c++/4212: g++ 3.0.1 crashes when generating dwarf2 records for wxwindows quantize.cpp

Re: c++/4224: GCC crashes

Re: c++/4235: Exception handling on AIX 4.2 does not catch

Re: c++/4237: Missing non virtual thunk

Re: c++/4255: gcc: Output pipe has been closed

Re: c++/4256: Headers in CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH treated as C code

Re: c++/4261: Internal compiler error in `find_function_data'

Re: c++/4283: Implicit typename extension should be optional

Re: c++/4320: Multidimensional arrays of constant strings does not work properly, when declared as static in the private part of a class.

Re: c++/4351: gcc internal error when compiling on HP-UX 11.00

Re: c++/4361: bogus ambiguity taking the address of a member template

Re: c++/4379: Member pointer to member reference not allowed when declared directly, but allowed as template parameter.

Re: c++/4427: Type inaccessible in derived class

Re: c++/4474: ICE in tree_low_cst, at tree.c:3462

Re: c++/4486: incorrect evaluation of boolean expressions

Re: c++/4584: g++ 3.0.1 fails to allow access to member field address

Re: c++/4624: Bogus warning (private in aggregate types)

Re: c++/4626: g++ 3.0.1 fails to find "stddef.h" when recompiling templates

Re: c++/4653: template instantiation not in sync with Koenig's lookup

Re: c++/4672: Template parameter deduction fails for overloaded template functions.

Re: c++/4721: Internal compiler error when compiling libDSP for i686/athlon

Re: c++/4737: Exception handling on AIX 4.3.3 does not catch

Re: c++/4740: internal error

Re: c++/4758: When compiling kvirc from source, an internal compiler error ensues and c++ aborts

Re: c++/4803: Inline function never defined

Re: c++/4807: debug problem

Re: c++/4814: ICE in tree_low_cst, at tree.c:3462

Re: c++/4861: template base class destructor calls virtual functions in derived classes

Re: c++/4868: ICE when omitting template parameter of a sub-class

Re: c++/4897: ICE in gcc-3.0.2 during compilation of cyclone

Re: c++/4905: unspecified internal compiler error

Re: c++/4911: private base class constructor inaccessible in unusual class hierarchy

Re: c++/4924: G++ (3.0.2) ICE with -O3 on hppa linux; fixed by

Re: c++/4924: G++ (3.0.2) ICE with -O3 on hppa linux; fixed by -O2

Re: c++/4928: (unsigned long long) cast with random top 4 bytes

Re: c++/4934: Seg fault on legal code

Re: c++/4941: internal compiler error

Re: c++/4955: g++ 3.0.2: exception throw crash when -O -fomit-frame-pointer

Re: c++/4958: Internal compiler error #122 in finish_function

Re: c++/4968: Internal compiler error; reason unclear (templates, typing?)

Re: c++/4974: Problem to compile nested heritage of templated classes

Re: c++/4979: g++ 3.0 & 3.1 compile failes with unable to find register to spill

Re: c++/4980: -pedantic leads to parse error at strange place

c++/4980: -pedantic leads to parse error at strange place<synopsis of the problem (one line)>

c++/4981: g++ 2.95.3 unterminated macro calls and strings causes crash

c++/4987: Internal compiler error in c++ compiler

c++/4990: ice when using multiple non-class template parameters (works on 2.95.3)

Re: c++/4992

c++/4992: Weird Parse error

c++/4999: asm code with concatenated content fails in template class member functions

c++/5000: volatile asm code fails in template class member functions

c++/5001: g++ 3.0.2 getline is too slow

c++/5004: Full specialisation of member templates failing

c++/5005: Template and pointer to method

Re: c++/5007

c++/5007: binderfirst<> not constructable if second arg is const reference + ice

c++/5018: cannot define template member outside class declarations

c++/5019: ICE on templated friends

Re: c++/5021: ICE(Segmentation Fault) in compiler

c++/5023: Error declaring constructor of template class specialization as friend

c++/5032: ICE(Segmentation Fault) in compiler

Re: c++/5034: Internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.4. gcc-3.0 gives syntax errors

c++/5036: Internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.4. gcc-3.0 gives syntax errors

c++/5038: Internal error: Segmentation fault

c++/5046: hypot declaration bug

c++/5050: template instantiation depth exceeds/maybe recursion problem

c++/5053: g++ 2.95.3 cannot call non-static template members from template functions.

c++/5054: g++ 3.02 (DevKit-Advance) crashes when compiling attached file

Re: c++/5055: ICE generated when building linux kernel 2.4.16

c++/5058: Internal compiler error when compiling Palm OS Emulator version 3.3

Re: c++/5060

c++/5060: Comparisons between double on gcc 2.96

c++/5063: crash...

c++/5067: Erroneous error messages

c++/5068: ice in g++

c++/5074: Static class member initialization

c++/5079: static const int optimization fails in conditional expressions

c++/5082: test/bs.c:525: virtual array reg_n_info[833]: element 833 out of bounds in load_mems, at loop.c:9140

c++/5086: -Wctor-dtor-privacy gives spurious warnings

c++/5089: -Wold-style-cast warns about cast to void

c++/5093: internal error with template template argument class and overloaded out stream operator

c++/5094: partial specialisation cannot be friend??

c++/5096: Internal compiler error in finish_function, at ../gcc/cp/decl.c:14422

c++/5098: Compile error for operator<<(ostream&, const std::string&) when a template definition defined within namespace and has an operator<< defined as a friend.

c++/5101: Internal compiler error 252

c++/5104: template using std::set_terminate fails due to throw() qualifier in <exception>

c++/5108: i'm not sure this should seg fault, even though i admit its not good code...

c++/5116: operator resolution in template class

c++/5118: c4x-g++ Fails on Templates

c++/5123: tree check: expected identifier_node, have template_id_expr in build_component_ref, at cp/typeck.c:2133

c++/5125: both g++ 3.0.1 and 2.95.3 crash with internal error when trying compile template method with parameter pointer to method

c++/5132: NaN = 0.0 * HUGE_VAL fails to compile in templates

c++/5144: ICE on const_hash

c++/5150: [cygwin] Failure of test g++.dg/ext/align1.C

c++/5151: [cygwin] Failure of test g++.old-deja/g++.ext/attrib5.C

c++/5161: g++ 2.95.3 ice on derived member class of a template class

RE: c++/5168: wrong memory representation of special wchar_t characters like "." (the registered trademark sign)

c++/5168: wrong memory representation of special wchar_t characters like "" (the registered trademark sign)

c++/5189: g++ -c bug.cpp crashed on simple stupid file

c++/5193: Problem with nested templates instanciation

c++/5197: compiler doesn't work correctly

Re: c++/51: g++ reports error for ISO C++ example

c++/5202: Elaborated type specifier doesn't work for a name in a namespace

c++/5208: gcc3.0.0 crashes on inheriting from template class in namespace

c++/5213: ICE on (possibly) illegal code

c++/5223: Templated operator== not found in presence of other instantiation

c++/5229: internal compiler error , in `gen_reload_inhi'

Re: c++/61: static initializers cannot access private members

Re: c++/72: aggressive type analysis in template-class's template-member-function

Re: c++/775: 2.97 error declaring nested class a friend

Re: c++/87: member template assignment operator

Re: c++/88: [parser] ctor/var ambiguity

Re: c++/899: ICE in static initialization with -fno-elide-constructors

Re: c++/90: funny syntactical error message

Re: c/2177: code generated segementation faults inappropriately

Re: c/2804: [*not*] regression from 2.95.3

Re: c/2888: crash in reload on eliminating register in REG_EQUAL note containing ASM_OUTPUT

Re: c/3038: inconsistent operand constraints: "=m" ... "0"

Re: c/3077: ICE in gen_lowpart, at emit-rtl.c:1110

Re: c/3120: __builtin_fsqrt still on mainline

Re: c/3516: libIDL consts are broken. stddef.h line 199 TOK_LONG, TOK_SHORT expected

Re: c/3660: powerpc, variadic function, option -mstring --> ICE

Re: c/3678: ICE in fixup_var_refs_1, at function.c:1922

Re: c/3687: GCC 3.0 error

Re: c/3707: Internal error: Segmentation fault when compiling array with pointer to other array

Re: c/3709: GCC 3.0 segmentation fault

Re: c/3711: va_arg + var size struct + typeof crash gcc 3.1

Re: c/3741: Pic bug when optimization is on (Assembler Error)

Re: c/3753: Internal compiler error in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: c/3808: ICE on legal code

Re: c/3823: gcc 3.0 on sparc-solaris2.6 ICE on gimp-1.0.4 rect.c

Re: c/3848: gcc version 3.1 20010725 crashes on vice w/ high opts

Re: c/3881: ICE in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: c/3884: Compiler ICEs on potentially wrong struct initialization

Re: c/3886: compiler seg faults with 02 optimization

Re: c/3897: memcpy not expanded to builtin function

Re: c/3927: gcc 3.1 fails ifcvting inlined builtin_trap

Re: c/4014: gcc reports internal erro when compiling file bafio.c

Re: c/4048: gcc fails to self recompile with -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer

Re: c/4117: Got a internal error when make php

Re: c/4258: gcc-2.95.2 produces wrong code

Re: c/4259: dwarf2out.c ignores the garbage collector

Re: c/4285: ICE in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: c/4299: gcc 3.0.1 ice on legal code

Re: c/4340: arm-elf cc1 gets ICE on legal code with -Os

Re: c/4359: internal compiler error / segmentation fault

Re: c/4388: Failure of gcc.c-torture/execute/20010924-1.c on irix6.5

Re: c/4426: gcc-3.0 produces subtly non-functional libssl

Re: c/4438: rect.c:370: Internal compiler error in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: c/4517: Gcc 3.0.1 failes compiling kernel 2.4.11

Re: c/4611: Internal compiler error in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635 (Solaris 2.5.1)

Re: c/4787: Different anonymous variables declared but only one allocated when the initialization is the same

Re: c/4954: ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:4057

Re: c/4983: cc1 segmentation fault when passed -Wlarger-than-32768

c/4983: gcc 2.96 ICE with -Wlarger-than-32768

c/4984: gcc segfaults when compiling this file

c/4985: GCC 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 report an internal compiler error when compiling the 8139too module in linux kernel 2.4.16

c/4986: c-common.c, combine_strings () broken for wchar_t == 8 bits

c/4988: --target-help emits cc1 printout twice

c/5009: gcc 3.0.2 crashes when using -ax option

Re: c/5020: ICE when building 8139too.c from linux-2.4.16

c/5025: gcc bug - read() and fread() treats carriage return to have hex value of 0x0A

c/5033: non const char *'s initial pointee data left on read only segment, causes seg. fault.

c/5035: Incorrectly produces '`<var>' might be used uninitialized in this function'

c/5041: Zero-length arrays initialized by {}; cause gcc-3.0 to segfault

c/5044: -Wswitch and `default' case

c/5048: "Unrecognizable insn:" error when compiling 8139too.c driver in kernel.

c/5049: Internal compiler error in print_rtl_and_abort, at flow.c:6449

c/5052: gcc 3.0.3 reports an ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:390

Re: c/5052: gcc 3.0.3 reports an ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:3904

c/5059: BUG in STAT-macro-expansion?

Re: c/5059: Compiling s/w containing the use of DIR.H fails on other stat-calls

c/5061: current mainstream kernel fails to compile error due to compiler error that happens in ISDN code.

c/5062: 8139too.c from linux kernel 2.4.16 raises compiler fault

c/5066: Perl Tests fails with code for the ultrasparc

c/5069: Building libgcc for arm-uclinux target

c/5071: gcc 3.0.2 won't compile 8139too.c in kernel 2.4.14 patched with win4lin

c/5077: Strange Code Generation

c/5078: ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:3873

c/5091: variables qualified volatile of type va_list will cause a segmentation fault

c/5092: gcc-3.0.2 won't compile linux-2.4.16's 8139too.c

c/5105: compound literal patch broken with inlining

c/5106: Internal compiler error when passing structure

c/5111: Misleading error message for "unsigned long double"

c/5113: When I build a cross compiler for i686-pc-cygwin on my i586-pc-linux-gnu trigger this error.

c/5119: Constraing specified for vector jump is illegal for mcf5200

Re: c/5121: Internal compiler error

c/5127: Should Get a Compile Error

c/5128: Include Flag Order Not Followed

c/5138: -mno-eabi option not working for powerpc targets

c/5141: GCC 3.0.3 / 3.1 20011215 ICE (regression to gcc-2.95.3)

c/5147: [cygwin] Failure of test gcc.dg/special/wkali-1.c

c/5157: bad static initialization of bit-fields after :0 field

c/5158: ICE when asm has 2 conflicting constraints

c/5160: gcc 3.0.2 ICE on Alpha in extract_insn, at recog.c:2218

c/5176: Segmentation fault with undocumented command line option

Re: c/5199: Feature request: function call logging

c/5206: va_start() macro can't be used due to ISO C/non-ISO C conflict.

c/5219: Wishlist : scope of typedef doesnt include typedef itself

c/5225: + should strip lvalueness

c/5226: -mthreads not available in gcc 3.0.3 but still in doc

c/5228: Internal gcc-3.0.2 compiler error

c/5232: ICE when compiling XEmacs with gcc-3.0.3

c/5233: gcc-3.0.3 sparc optimize error

Can't bootstrap disable-shared sparc-linux gcc-3.1 (CVS 2001-12-16): gcc/config/sparc/linux.h:53: parse error before string constant

Can't see common variables in gdb

Cannot build gcc-3.1 (CVS 2001-12-05) on sparc-linux

compile error

compile from ss 120301

compile/20011114-1.c, any clues?

cp_error calls not picked up by exgettext

crashing cc1 - merry christmas :)

Re: current GCC broken in handling __FUNCTION__: t.c:8: parse error before string constant

current GCC broken in handling __FUNCTION__: t.c:8: parse errorbefore string constant

Re: debug/2714

Re: debug/2714: Stabs truncated on AIX

Re: debug/2968: gcc-3.0 ICE while compiling glibc, march=athlon -ggdb

Re: debug/3352: extern/inline combination in try/catch causes wrong lineinfo for all symbols in file

Re: debug/4350: Internal compiler error in `output_die', at dwarf2out.c:5433

Re: debug/4362: Internal compiler error in `output_die', at dwarf2out.c:5433

debug/5121: Internal compiler error

debug/5163: Internal compiler error in add_abstract_origin_attribute, at dwarf2out.c:9296

Re: debug/640: Code generated for simultaneous debugging and profiling with basic blocks segfaults on Linux

Dwarf2 FDE CIE offset

error build gcc (from cvs)

Exception bug in g++-3.0

Re: fortran/3743: Reference to intrinsic `ISHFT' invalid

Re: fortran/4514: Internal compiler error in `calculate_giv_inc', at unroll.c:1604

Re: fortran/4885: BACKSPACE example that doesn't work as of gcc/g77-3.0.x

Re: fortran/4971: g77 complains about an undefined reference L3 which does not exist.

fortran/5122: g77 rejects accepted use of INTEGER*2 as type of DATA statement loop index

FYI: compiling gcc-2.8.1 with gcc-3.0.1 fails

g++ 3.0.2 bug: unable to catch exceptions thrown from subthreads during destruction of global objects in shared libraries

g++ 3.0.2 failure with -Wswitch

g++ test failures on ia64

g77 potential bug with "backspace" command

GCC 3.0.2: SPARC -mno-epilogue -mflat produces bad code

GCC 3.02 internal error compiling 8139too.o

gcc 3.1 20011215 failed to bootstrap on mips-sgi-irix6.5

Re: gcc 3.1 and XFree86


gcc 3.1 Mon Dec 17 23:05:02 PST 2001 failed to bootstrap on mips-sgi-irix6.5

GCC bug

gcc told me to report a bug

gcc-3.0.2 segmentation fault

gcc-3.0.3 problems on IA64

gcc-3.0.3: failed to build cross x86->Alpha

gcc-3.0.tr.po error

gcc-3.02 build failure on Mac OS 10.1.1 in function.c

Hello again.

Help on Linker Error

Hi everybody

an installation bug in either gcc, gld, or readline -- I don't know which

Re: an installation bug in either gcc, gld, or readline -- I don'tknow which

Internal compiler error in add_abstract_origin_attribute, atdwarf2out.c:9296

Re: Internal compiler error in expand_end_loop, at stmt.c:2563

invalid expression evaluation in gcc

irix bootstrap comparison failure

java indirect vtable change breaks for dwarf2

Re: java/1141: don't use StringBuffer for string concatenation

Re: java/1327: possible code generation bug exposed by Mauve

Re: java/1328: Failure to detect definate assignment errors

Re: java/2095: redefinition of symbol ".LLBB0" in assembler output

Re: java/2155: Overzealous detection of uninitialized final variables

Re: java/2312: Check for initialization of all final fields erronously fails

Re: java/2313: Java SimpleDateFormat crash with non US locales (french...)

Re: java/2360: Internal compiler error make_class_data (constant stress test?)

Re: java/2423: false reporting of "Final variable initialization error" in constructor

Re: java/2424: gjc thinks a final variable is reassigned when it is not

Re: java/3096: GCJ does not increment

Re: java/3229: Bootstrap failure on redhat 6.2/gcc-2.95.2

Re: java/3285: gcj fails to resolve constructor calls in inner classes

Re: java/3307: compiled program core dump in GC_find_limit

Re: java/3417: Downcast on integral types.

Re: java/3477: make install fails with an error

Re: java/3737: Change the way classes with no finalizer are created.

Re: java/3751: gcj segfaults in clinit on Sun JDK-compiled class

Re: java/3803: buggy code generation

Re: java/3965: predecrement operator does not work correctly with array values (See PR# 3096)

Re: java/4509: gcj -C can generate dead bytecode

Re: java/4639: gij HelloWorld segfaults if both HelloWorld.class and HelloWord executable is present

Re: java/4766: Stack overflow when compiling .class file

Re: java/4972: undefined reference to `libiconv'

Re: java/4972: undefined reference to `libiconv', AM_ICONV

java/5028: Possible missing internal function '_Unwind_RaiseException'

Re: java/5030: Problem to build gcc-3.0.2

java/5042: java: wrong addressing of inner class attributes

java/5057: gcj -C erroneously omits <clinit>

Re: java/5080: gcc/java/jcf-parse.c:908: `LC_CTYPE' undeclared (first use in this function)

java/5088: Can't create a java.lang.Object from CNI

java/5134: bug in gnu.gcj.runtime.StringBuffer

java/5135: Compiler segfault on non public Interfaces

java/5152: Very recent Optimization bug (compiler segfault)

java/5162: Maybe a bug in Anonymous Class.

java/5165: Loading class fields with a ConstantValue attribute

java/5178: Method call on qualified static field doesn't initialize its class

java/5179: Qualifed static field access doesn't initialize its class

java/5183: jc1 produces invalid assembly (for native as/ld) on solaris2.7

java/5227: verification error on JDK 1.3.1 class file

kernel comp no pissible

Re: libf2c/4826: Build error for 3.0.2 on Tru64 Unix 5.1A

Re: libgcj/1147: command-line arguments assumed to be Latin-1

Re: libgcj/1190: GC: failure upon allocation inside a finalizer

Re: libgcj/1205: Problem loading shared library

Re: libgcj/1246: link failure with multilib and/or "--disable-static" builds

Re: libgcj/1971: ObjectOutputStream generates incorrect serialVersionUID's for array classes

Re: libgcj/2024: libgcj can abort on bogus arguments to Class.forName()

Re: libgcj/2338: RandomAccessFile does not create the file if not found

Re: libgcj/2428: Classloader is not set

libgcj/5029: Date.toString() fail when LANG=FR_fr

libgcj/5031: LANG=fr_FR incorrectly translated into user.language/user.region

libgcj/5064: java/lang/natClassLoader.cc doesn't compile on systems without snprintf

libgcj/5103: jni.h sets java-exceptions

Re: Libiberty parallel build broken

libstdc++ bootstrap failure: undefined symbol _ZNSt9exceptionD1Ev

libstdc++ lossage on alpha

libstdc++, unable to detect exception model

Re: libstdc++/1846: bitset inline

Re: libstdc++/1853: <deque> deallocates unowned memory within .pop_back()

Re: libstdc++/1855: Bug in global map variables

Re: libstdc++/2054: g++-3 rejects legal code%2

Re: libstdc++/2504: Problems with the new checking code (boost)

Re: libstdc++/3149: Ready 275: Wrong type in num_get::get() overloads

Re: libstdc++/3150: Ready 266: ~bad_exception,~bad_cast, ~bad_alloc, ~bad_typeid

Re: libstdc++/3151: Ready 117: basic_ostream uses nonexistent num_put member functions

Re: libstdc++/3184: sinf() used but may not exist on target

Re: libstdc++/3197

Re: libstdc++/3198: Missing wide char functions crashes compile

Re: libstdc++/3655: Subject: stream bug with "0xBlabla" strings in internal mode

Re: libstdc++/3658: redefinition of symbols and syntax error

Re: libstdc++/3679: Problems with default locale

Re: libstdc++/3720: Problems with num_get

Re: libstdc++/3829: missing template instantiations

Re: libstdc++/3860: Writing wide string to wide stream segfaults

Re: libstdc++/3866: g++ : multiple "template with C linkage" in any stl

Re: libstdc++/4019: Using libstdc++ on AlphaLinux causes a Segementation fault

Re: libstdc++/4051: template instantiation problem with ostream_iterator and pair of buil

Re: libstdc++/4052: including algobase.h results in syntax error

Re: libstdc++/4096: libstdc++-v3/include/Makefile.in has several errors in it

Re: libstdc++/4125: install error on i586 linux -- in libstdc++-v3

Re: libstdc++/4146: input, num_get, regression from 2.95

Re: libstdc++/4185: non functionality of string member (reserve)

Re: libstdc++/4218: Compile fails due to std::min in basic_string.tcc

Re: libstdc++/4246: libstc++-v3 tests std::string::_Rep::_S_{terminal,max_size} undefined

Re: libstdc++/4292: dynamic_cast incorrectly returns 0

Re: libstdc++/4312: g++ accepts vector<auto_ptr<Class> >

Re: libstdc++/4402

Re: libstdc++/4402: Crash in std::ostream with bad values and std::fixed

Re: libstdc++/4419: ifstream::get(buffer,len) stops reading when an empty line appears.

Re: libstdc++/4434: the value of float epsilon is wrong

Re: libstdc++/4435

Re: libstdc++/4456: Regression error in <locale.h>

Re: libstdc++/4457: std::ctype< char >::is gives random results for chars with bit 7 set

Re: libstdc++/4458: std::ctype<char>::is doesn't call do_is as required by ISO 14882

Re: libstdc++/4548: When reserving a string to become smaller, program crashes

Re: libstdc++/4554: Simple compile error under Solaris 8, works fine under Solaris 2.6

Re: libstdc++/4563: [cygwin] `::acosf' undeclared (first use here)

Re: libstdc++/4960

Re: libstdc++/4960: std::string slow to append individual characters

libstdc++/4993: dynamic_cast incorrectly returns 0

Re: libstdc++/5001: g++ 3.0.2 getline is too slow

Re: libstdc++/5003

libstdc++/5003: read in istream(new filebuf(popen())) read only first N bytes

libstdc++/5008: Error while compiling / eh_aux_runtime / as

libstdc++/5011: cannot instantiate std::binder1st<std::mem_fun1_t<void, unary_functor<const int: , void>, const int: > >

Re: libstdc++/5011: cannot instantiate std::binder1st\<std::mem_fun1_t\<void, unary_functor\<const int&, void\>, const int&\> \>

libstdc++/5012: cannot instantiate std::binder1st<std::mem_fun1_t<void, unary_functor<const int&, void\>, const int&> >

libstdc++/5037: Multithreaded read access to strings not threadsafe on Solaris/Sparc

libstdc++/5045: wrong value std::numeric_limits<T>::digits10 for integer types

libstdc++/5047: stl_config.h does not install

libstdc++/5073: Problem with C++ style string and setw() manipulator

libstdc++/5090: linking fails when using std::basic_stringstream<wchar_t>

libstdc++/5095: broken $(MAKEFLAGS)

libstdc++/5110: num_put caches num_punct values

libstdc++/5133: Problems with toupper

libstdc++/5136: Tests fail with warnings about -ffunction-sections on cygwin

libstdc++/5145: [cygwin] Failure of test 23_containers/map_operators.cc

libstdc++/5146: [cygwin] Failure of test 23_containers/set_operators.cc

libstdc++/5148: libstdc++-v3 testsuite does not delete executables on cygwin

libstdc++/5166: Segfault when using global std::string from dlopen

libstdc++/5180: seekp() on fstreams opened in read only mode

libstdc++/5181: basic_ostream::operator<<(streambuf*) wrongly sets eofbit

libstdc++/5182: basic_string::replace may produce incorrect results if part of

libstdc++/5195: 3.0.3 build failure of solaris x mips: eh_alloc.cc

libstdc++/5198: 3.0.3 linux x m68k build fail: invalid opcodes in c++locale.cc

Re: libstdc++/5198: 3.0.3 linux x m68k build fail: invalid opcodesin c++locale.cc

libstdc++/5207: DR 331: - ios_base::~failure

linux alpha; 3.0.3 prerelease; failure under -O3

Re: Load hoisting bug

Mainline ICE compiling glibc: Internal compiler error inmake_decl_rtl, at varasm.c:832


Re: middle-end/1995: position dependency in asm("" : ... : : )

Re: middle-end/4227: 3.1 ICE in expand_end_loop

Re: middle-end/4560: C++: Internal compiler error in expand_end_loop, at stmt.c:2730

Re: middle-end/4738: There is no FreeBSD IA-64, sparc64, or PowerPC support

middle-end/5099: m68k-aout/3.0.2/cc1 aborts on asm("movw sr,%0":"=hd"(a));

middle-end/5100: Wrong register class selected by find_valid_class


Fw: Myserious warning message

Re: mysql compilation error

New bootstrap failure on ARM

Re: objc/4127: Bootstrap on solaris2.7 fails compiling libobjc/linking.m

Re: objc/4975

Re: optimization/1523: GCC 2.97 miscompiles with -fomit-frame-pointer

Re: optimization/2122: Error in openssl

Re: optimization/2927: gcc build of xemacs 21.1.14 core dumps with -O3 but not with -O2

Re: optimization/2967: gcc-2.95.4 hits internal error on the Hurd source with -O3

Re: optimization/3411: STOP!! optimization/3407: g++ compiles at -g and -O; fails

Re: optimization/3480: gcc-3.0, bad code generated with -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer on intel x86

Re: optimization/3513: GCC doesn't merge substrings

Re: optimization/3715: abort in verify_wide_reg_1

Re: optimization/3763: Internal compiler error in update_equiv_regs, at local-alloc.c:1097

Re: optimization/3788: ICE in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: optimization/4079: unnecessary register move on simple code

Re: optimization/4085: PPC -fPIC code generation problem

Re: optimization/4133: ICE in print_rtl_and_abort, at flow.c:64

Re: optimization/4186: core dump in -O2 on ia32 with attached code (regression to 2.95.*)

Re: optimization/4231: a gcc-3.0.1 optimization bug

Re: optimization/4297: Internal compiler error in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: optimization/4410: 3.0 and 3.0.1, ICE in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: optimization/4490: gcc 3.0.1 segfaults while compiling pack_isam.c of mysql

Re: optimization/4504: ICE in fixup_var_refs_1, at function.c:1922

Re: optimization/4578: MMX && Optimazation does not work

Re: optimization/4579

Re: optimization/4579: MMX && Optimazation does not work

Re: optimization/4590: ICE in change_address, at emit-rtl.c:1635

Re: optimization/4712: ICE in reachable_next_level, at except.c:2723

Re: optimization/4765: ICE in prepare_float_lib_cmp, at optabs.c:3531

Re: optimization/4785: ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2128

Re: optimization/4963: Internal compiler error in expand_end_loop, at stmt.c:2731

Re: optimization/4963: Internal compiler error in expand_end_loop,at stmt.c:2731

optimization/4991: gcc 3.x produces worse floating point code on all x86 architectures than 2.95.x

optimization/4994: ICE with "-fno-exceptions -O2 -mmmx -march=athlon"

Re: optimization/5006

optimization/5006: Multiple temporary objects created on stack in the same location.

optimization/5017: i386 floating point optimization

optimization/5040: g++-3.0.2: -O causes variables from different stack frames to overlap

Re: optimization/5056: Gcc detected ASM generation problem

optimization/5075: sh-elf target optimize worse, save pr in leaf function

optimization/5076: gcc3 regression: yet another strength reduction bug

optimization/5120: tail recursion incorrect using -O2

optimization/5159: ptr[i] = ptr[++i]; // works differently with malloc() and -O

optimization/5172: Optimization bug in GCC 3.1 CVS: strcpy (one, "") call removed (Bugin -finline-functions?)

optimization/5173: linux 2.4.16 8139too network driver failed compile with optimization -02

optimization/5184: ICE in redirect_edge_and_branch @ >= -O

Re: optimization/5186: -O works; -O2 doesn't; partial assignment through cast

optimization/5186: -O works; -O2 doesn't; partial assignment through cast to smaller type

optimization/5194: ICE in redirect_edge_and_branch()

optimization/5200: Store Motion is broken

optimization/5210: ICE in add_abstract_origin_attribute during bootstrap

optimization/5230: Spurious warning compiling duffs device with optimization

optimization/5231: ICE in load_mems() using ARM-ELF PIC

Re: other/2719: demangler crash

Re: other/3051: Internal compiler error compiling Asmutils

Re: other/3305: gcc-3.0 make -k check generates signigicant errors and runs few tests

Re: other/3672: 3.1 installation puts files in build directory

Re: other/3725: changed to configure.in's for autoconf 2.50

Re: other/4115: 3.0.1 build bug on solaris 2.7 using 2.95.2

Re: other/4801: unable to build and install gcc-2.95.2 for RTOS-eCos on Redhat linux 7.1

Re: other/4932: the i386 backend crashes on incorrect asm("... %c0 ...")

other/5016: gcc internal compiler error

Re: other/5022 (to del)

other/5022: gcc -lgcc only for gpl-compatible programs, others are suddenly illegal.

other/5026: __attribute__ ((unused) seems misdocumented

other/5027: Problem on install gcc 2.95.2 on AIX4.3.3 system

other/5030: Problem to build gcc-3.0.2

other/5115: Inline asm generates incorrect assembler code

other/5137: make proto fails (SYSCALLS.c.X generation broken) since -aux-info is not supported

other/5155: Internal error when trying to compile kernel 2.4.15

other/5171: Internal compiler error in instantiate_virtual_regs_1', at function.c:3881

other/5199: Feature request: function call logging

Re: other/779: --target-help broken

Re: other/828: gcc/config/x-linux is wrong

Re: PATCH Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to ...'

PATCH Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk to...'

Re: PATCH Re: c++/4122: undefined reference to `non-virtual thunkto ...'

The patch- force PR to be live causes Uninitialized memory usage

PATCH: Bug with Patch for libobjc

Re: PATCH: Bug with Patch for libobjc (fwd)

Re: pending/4473: fwd: libstdc++/4435

Re: pending/4651: Fwd: c++/3947 (destructor is called twice)

Re: pending/4982: LALR Grammar for PL/SQL required

Re: pending/4995: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present on

Re: pending/4996: Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present on branch)

Re: pending/4997: Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present on branch)

Re: pending/4998: Re: Committed: Fix for C99 thinko in c++/3394 fix (but still present on branch)

Re: pending/5013: [c/4053] Re: problems debugging gcc

Re: pending/5014: Re: [c/4053] Re: problems debugging gcc

Re: pending/5015: Re: [c/4053] Re: problems debugging gcc

Re: pending/5024: Re: [c/4053] Re: problems debugging gcc

Re: pending/5051: May I ask a C Language problem?

Re: pending/5081: Re: static const int optimization fails in conditional expressions

Re: pending/5083: Re: static const int optimization fails in conditional expressions

Re: pending/5084: Re: static const int optimization fails in conditional expressions

Re: pending/5087: Re: static const int optimization fails in conditional expressions

Re: pending/5097: gcc 3.0.2 does not complile 8139too.c driver from linux (few releases)

Re: pending/5164: on vacation / Urlaub

Re: pending/5188: gcc-8139bug-report

Re: pending/5204: Problem report 5053

Re: pending/5211: Away from my mail

PR 3897 is fixed in v3.1

preprocessor/5034: Internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.4, but gcc-3.0 gives syntax errors

preprocessor/5130: gcc 3.1 bootstrap on x86 fails for over a month

preprocessor/5131: gcc 3.1 bootstrap on x86 fails for over a month

preprocessor/5153: #include path not affected by #line in cpplib

preprocessor/5177: Problem with gcc-3.0.2 CPP and #define

Previously applied patch- force PR to be live, causes problem in gcc-3.0.2 for SH target

Problem compiling 3.0.2

Problem report 5053

Problems with gcc 2.95.3

Programming error in emit-rtl.c

Query about Cross Compilation for SPARC64

R_SPARC_RELATIVE vs R_SPARC_UA32 & unaligned unwind tables - again

rather odd bug with arrays - possibly compiler?

regarding common segment

Segmentation fault in flow_find_cross_jump

Segmentation fault while bootstrapping ss-20011217

SIGSEGV when call libc which uses _malloc_unlocked on Solaris 8

Since 1129, gcc-3.1 needs binutils ld > 2.10 on UnixWare 7.1.0


Re: A Specialization Bug

A specialization bug?

stage2 build fails on alpha-mandrake-linux

Strange sign-compare results


taobugreport.txt (fwd)

Re: target/1613: gcc version 2.97 20010110 (experimental) does not build sh-linux-gnu-gcc

Re: target/1647: patch for gcc-2.95.3 on NetBSD/sparc-1.5

Re: target/1918: A called function incorrectly accesses args in a list of 16 arguments

Re: target/1984: mis-ordering of op codes causes kernel panic

Re: target/2476: /usr/lsd/sparc-sun-solaris2.8/bin/ld:libgcc.map:1: parse error

Re: target/2573: 3.1 ICE's on solaris when compiling fftw

Re: target/2770: internal compiler error using ultrasparc backend cpu

Re: target/2880: compilation of a python wrapper gives insn failure on macosx

Re: target/295: [HP-UX] Missing pthread_* with g++ on HP-UX

Re: target/3192: "Can not split insn" in TuxRacer 0.61 source

Re: target/3273: gcc crashed compiling glibc-2.2.3

Re: target/453: [i386->mingw32] ice; attribute dllimport

Re: target/4587: g++ -maix64 generates illeagal assembler code

Re: target/4797: IBM powerpc/AIX: g++ produces

Re: target/480: [AIX 4.1] non-standard suffix for object files may cause "illegal instruction" in code with g++ 2.95

target/5002: Interesting ICE on sparc-sun-solaris2.8 on "normal" code

target/5010: building for i386-coff target fails

Re: target/5054: ARM/Thumb crash in gcc 3.0.2

target/5107: ICE when building an ARM/Thumb cross compiler for/on HP-UX.

target/5126: m68k pic optimisation bug

Re: target/515: [PowerPC AIX 4.3.3] gcc generates faulty code when passing struct to function by value

target/5169: Bug in pa-risc gcc optimizer

target/5170: Supicious code in arm.md

target/5185: Segmentation error in final.c

target/5212: profiling support for i386-gnu specs file

target/5217: gcc-3.0.3 spills its guts on ppc 750 with -ffast-math

Re: target/702: SPARC-Solaris compiler should be bi-arch

Re: target/723: Bootstrap failure on sparc64-redhat-linux

Tree checking ICE with Loki

Unable to cross-bootstrap sparc64-*-* w/o hanging in unwind-dw2.c

Virtual memory Exhaust problem onWin98

Re: Warning from -Wshadow should indicate the location of the definition of the variable being shadowed

Re: web/4786: gnatsweb: gcc-prs should not be in "send email to interested parties"


x86 throw causing stack leak

Your extend.texi patch

Your New Account Info

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