This page contains information about the upcoming GCC 4.3 release.

Please do not make changes to this page without the permission of the Release Manager, except as indicated below.


This section describes projects planned for GCC 4.3. The fact that a project is listed here does not necessarily mean that it will be included; it only means that someone has submitted a project proposal. There is no formal acceptance process for proposals; in the end, all proposals have to be turned into patches, and patches are reviewed by the GCC maintainers. However, the Release Manager will attempt to schedule the projects in a coherent order so as to avoid instability in the mainline sources.

Stage 1 Projects

This section lists projects that will be merged to mainline in Stage 1.

* AutovectBranchOptimizations Autovectorization, etc.

* Function_Level_Control_of_Optimizations

* libgcc-math Re-merging libgcc-math

* PREVNReplacement Replacement of PRE's value numberer

* tuples Gimple tuples

Stage 2 Projects

This section lists projects that will be merged to mainline in Stage 2.

* ARMv7 ARMv7 architecture support (Thumb-2 + NEON)

* ConfigVersion Configuration option for GCC version string

* IPAmodref Interprocedural MOD/REF computation.

* large-model x86-64 large/large PIC code models

* PreservingLoops Preserving loop structures throughout optimizations

* stringop Memcpy/memset improvements.

* struct-reorg Struct reorg optimization.

Completed Projects

Move projects to this section when they have been merged to mainline.

* AutomaticParallelization Autoparallelization of loops (2007-09-15)

* PrefetchingImprovements Improvements of automatic prefetching (2007-06)

* Fortran2003Bind_C Implementation of the Fortran 2003 BIND(C) functionality (2007-07-02)

* PointerPlus Pointer Plus Expresion (2007-06-15)

* Replace_backend_dataflow Replace flow with df (2007-06-11)

* MatrixReorganization Matrix Flattening and Transposing (2007-06-05)

* PredictiveCommoning Implementation of predictive commoning (2007-05-24)

* WcoercionProject Warning for implicit conversions that may change a value (2007-05-19)

* variadic-templates Variadic templates for C++ (2007-03-09)

* Coldfire_changes Revamped m68k backend (2007-03-06)

* TreeRepresentationChanges Merge tree representation changes from LTO branch (2007-02-15)

* AMDFAM10 AMDFAM10 architecture support (2007-02-05)

* ipa-branch Interprocedural optimizations on SSA form (2007-01-23)

* gcj-eclipse gcj using eclipse compiler (2007-01-08)

* Toplevel_libgcc Moving libgcc to the toplevel (2007-01-03)

* mem-ssa Memory SSA (2006-12-11)

* out-of-ssa Out Of SSA Cleanup (2006-12-10)

* x86_64/ix86_SSE_C99_rounding_intrinsics SSE inline variants for (l)ceil/floor/trunc/round/rint (stage1)

* Record_GCC_command_line_switches_in_object_files (2006-12-07)

* PREImprovements Improvements to PRE (2006-10-29/2006-11-14)

4.4 Projects

This section lists projects that will not be merged to mainline until the GCC 4.4 release cycle.

* FixedPointArithmetic Fixed-Point Arithmetic Support (Chap 2 of Embedded-C spec).

Uncategorized Projects

This section lists projects that have not yet been assigned to either Stage 1 or Stage 2.

Please add a Wiki page for your project below, using SampleProjectTemplate as your template. Please keep the projects in alphabetical order.

* SampleProjectTemplate

* IMAforCxx IMA for C++

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