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Re: Several snapshots on the same system?

> > > Reading install.texi, I expected to be able to have several
> > > different snapshots of gcc-3.1 installed in /usr/local on the same
> > > system simultaneously, by changing --program-suffix when I configure
> > > each snapshot.
> >
> > --prefix works, I recommend it's use.  If you want, you can clarify
> > the manual to dissuade users from building gcc multiple times with the
> > same --prefix value, if they want to use both compilers.

[a complaint that I tried this and it didn't work]

Sorry. I'd claimed that I'd typed
"../gcc-SNAPSHOT/configure --prefix=/home/twomack/gcc-3.1/gcc-SNAPSHOT-obj -
-program-suffix=-3.1-SNAPSHOT", but in fact I'd said

This seems to have caused significant trouble -- I found several directories
called "~" in the gcc-build directory, which were rather worrying to delete
(rm -f "~" is not a nerve-calming command).

This is repeatable -- I checked overnight by doing two builds from different
directories differing only in my specification of --prefix. My shell is
bash-2.05 as shipped by SuSE 7.3, if that matters. Reported as PR 5634.

Would it be worth putting a patch in gcc/doc/install.texi around line 362
suggesting that using tilde-style prefixes can cause trouble?

> And the installed snapshots both entirely fail to work, giving screeds of
> errors when parsing the standard include files.

This was a matter of the 'make install' process having failed when trying to
install libiberty and given up before the installation was complete.

Sorry to have worried people with paranoid mentions of parallel-build


... and how to convince your housemates that rebooting your computer to play
_Midtown Madness 2_, without syncing the discs first, in the middle of a
three-hour 'make bootstrap' run, is to be discouraged.

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