gfortran — the GNU Fortran compiler, part of GCC

Gfortran is the name of the GNU Fortran project, developing a free Fortran 95/2003/2008/2018 compiler for GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection. The gfortran development effort uses an open development environment in order to attract a larger team of developers and to ensure that gfortran can work on multiple architectures and diverse environments.

This wiki contains links to binary packages for gfortran, up-to-date status of the compiler, recently fixed bugs, etc. You can find here our "getting started" web page for new users of gfortran.

The official homepage for gfortran also contains a limited amount of general information about the project, its goals and the ways you can contribute.

A Guide to Building gcc/gfortran is available.

There is also a list of bugs that we do not want to fix, at least at present.

Using gfortran

For gfortran developers

Manuals and other documentation

GFortran documentation is included with the GCC documentation, which is available from the GCC website. There is documentation for released compilers, and also documentation for the latest snapshot from the development tree. The manuals are re-generated nightly.

Reporting bugs

You can report bugs in GCC bugzilla. You can look for existing bugs, track bug fixing progress, and report new bugs there. The list of all open gfortran bugs (including enhancement requests and low-priority bugs) can be found here. Before submitting a bug report, please update your version of gfortran to the latest available release of GCC. For example, if you find a bug with gfortran 4.0.2, then upgrade to at least GCC 4.1.0 and see if the bug is still present.

There is a separate page for the most wanted gfortran bugs, which contains a list of bugs that block gfortran from building major packages. Some ideas for enhancing gfortran can also be of interest...

Use the gfortran mailing list, , to ask the gfortran community your questions, and report bugs if you are uncertain on how to handle bugzilla. We'll be glad to help!

gfortran compliance test coverage matrix (initial version)


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