#gfortran Meeting of 28th November 2008 to discuss developments for gfortran-4.5.

Summary notes by Tobias Burnus, with some additions and embellishments by Paul Thomas, and Jerry D.

Highlights and Actions:

- (Action)Paul will review Daniel K.'s FINALization patch and send the CLASS patch to Daniel K. - CLASS, DEFERRED, type-bound OPERATORS:

- (Action)Paul will work on the array descriptor

- library: We probably break the ABI compatibility; the array

- multiple decls per function:

- Missed optimization: Inlining matmul, unneeded temps etc.

- Run time checking

- I/O optimization:

- Scalar allocation and errmsg=: (Action)Steve want to work on this,

- parameterized derived types:

- procedure pointer components

- F2003 pointer assignment / rank remampping,

- F2003 I/O, left to do:


- C interoperability TR (link, see above):

- submodules - Steve L: one of most requested features

- Coarrays:

- CPP w/o traditional mode: Daniel F. and Tobias might do something on

- STDCALL: Deemed as useful, but no one volunteering - ASSOCIATED: Useful, deferred to later meetings when the TODO list

- Fortran 2008's CONTIGUOUS: Ditto. - (Action)We will create a wiki page to collect all Stage1 patches (esp.

Things that pault noted were not discussed (he forgot:-))

- (Action)Fixing the allocatable component leaks - Paul;

- Allocate on assignment for allocatable arrays as well as allocatable components

- Improve module reading - whilst faster than it used to be, it could still be improved.

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