Problem with libstdc++-v3/po Makefile

Phil Edwards
Tue Jan 8 10:43:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 07:33:45PM +0100, Paolo Carlini wrote:
> Well I'm going to comment ;-)
> Mine is not a technical comment: in your opinion, it is really impossible to fix
> in-source builds?

I have no idea.  I don't know why they were/are required by GCC in the
first place.  (But I'll bet the answer involves multilibs somehow.)

All I do know is that in-source builds break more often and in stranger
ways than objdir builds.

> Every day I talk with people that find really *unusual* the concept itself of an
> "objdir"!
> Indeed, for how many other GNU softwares is it compulsory?

Compulsory?  No other software project /requires/ it, I think.

But even then it's very very useful:  you can have multiple builds going
at the same time, all reading source from the same tree, but writing
changes into different directories.  The different builds can even be on
different machines, with the source directory shared over the network,
and the objdir directories local to each machine, etc.

This benefit doesn't become apparent until you start developing on multiple
architectures.  Then it becomes almost required:  edit the code in one
location, then in three different windows, logged onto three different
systems in three different objdirs, type "make" and they all build from
the same source directory.

If this weren't possible, you'd have to make three copies of the source
tree befire building in each one.


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