classpath-0.98 merge for GCC-4.4

Matthias Klose
Fri Aug 15 20:44:00 GMT 2008

Matthias Klose schrieb:
> Looking forward at the the end of stage1 for GCC-4.4 and an upcoming
> classpath-0.98 release ... Apparently cp won't be released before the end of
> stage1, and GCC going directly from stage1 to stage3 would not allow a merge of
> a new classpath. How should we proceed? Merge cp from the trunk as it is today,
> and then ask for an exception for the merge of the final 0.98 release? Or ask
> for an exception to merge the final cp release during stage3? The merges itself
> should be straight forward.

I started the merge on the branches/gcj/classpath-098-merge-branch branch. Far
from finished, but I'll be offline until September, so maybe somebody can use
this to continue. This merge seems to require more work than the 0.96 and 0.97
merges done before. The current state of the branch is: Configures, compiles,
class and header files regenerated, nothing more. Things that need to be done:

 - Backed out one nio update
   2008-04-18  Ian Rogers  <>
   Still needs to be merged.

 - StringBuffer, AbstractStringBuffer, VMCPStringBuilder merged/copied
   from classpath; needs some review.

 - the logic in tools/ to disable gjdoc doesn't seem to work yet.

 - document the need to have antlr (and a working java) for maintainer mode

 - the classpath configury cannot handle gcj as a compiler for the build;
   currently most of it is disabled, or unknown command line options are
   removed in the classpath configury, but maybe this should be addressed
   in classpath itself.

 - gmp could be enabled by default, at least it is required by gcc anyway.

Please feel free to work on the branch and/or remove it.


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