classpath-0.98 merge for GCC-4.4

Andrew John Hughes
Fri Aug 15 21:17:00 GMT 2008

On 15/08/2008, Matthias Klose <> wrote:
> Matthias Klose schrieb:
> > Looking forward at the the end of stage1 for GCC-4.4 and an upcoming
>  > classpath-0.98 release ... Apparently cp won't be released before the end of
>  > stage1, and GCC going directly from stage1 to stage3 would not allow a merge of
>  > a new classpath. How should we proceed? Merge cp from the trunk as it is today,
>  > and then ask for an exception for the merge of the final 0.98 release? Or ask
>  > for an exception to merge the final cp release during stage3? The merges itself
>  > should be straight forward.
> I started the merge on the branches/gcj/classpath-098-merge-branch branch. Far
>  from finished, but I'll be offline until September, so maybe somebody can use
>  this to continue. This merge seems to require more work than the 0.96 and 0.97
>  merges done before. The current state of the branch is: Configures, compiles,
>  class and header files regenerated, nothing more. Things that need to be done:

Thanks for getting this far :)

>   - Backed out one nio update
>    2008-04-18  Ian Rogers  <>
>    Still needs to be merged.

Ok not sure what this is but will take a look.

>   - StringBuffer, AbstractStringBuffer, VMCPStringBuilder merged/copied
>    from classpath; needs some review.

VMCPStringBuilder needs to use CNI in GCJ, I presume rather than the
overhead of reflection.  There already is an implementation in the
gnu.gcj namespace.

>   - the logic in tools/ to disable gjdoc doesn't seem to work yet.

It does for me on Classpath.  What's the issue with the merge?

>   - document the need to have antlr (and a working java) for maintainer mode
>    builds.

This breaks down to --enable-maintainer-mode --disable-gjdoc when the
above works correctly.

>   - the classpath configury cannot handle gcj as a compiler for the build;
>    currently most of it is disabled, or unknown command line options are
>    removed in the classpath configury, but maybe this should be addressed
>    in classpath itself.

Can you be more specific? How is gcj being used as a compiler?  Note
that we now use the standard JAVAC= method to specify a specific
compiler, but this was new with 0.97 IIRC.

>   - gmp could be enabled by default, at least it is required by gcc anyway.


>  Please feel free to work on the branch and/or remove it.
>  Matthias

Thanks again,
Andrew :-)

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