How to do bootstrap build on OSX to get gcj?

Tom Tromey
Fri Sep 22 17:46:00 GMT 2006

Mike> Please excuse these basic questions, but I'm rather new to this.
Mike> I did retrieve the .diff file with the patches, but don't know
Mike> what to do with it.  Is there an automated method to make the
Mike> changes in the diff, or should it be done manually in the
Mike> source?

You can use patch to apply a diff to a source tree.

Mike> Second, this is a good opportunity for me to learn about trunks.
Mike> If the patches were applied already to the trunk, as Tom
Mike> mentioned, does that mean that they are only in a previous
Mike> version?  Thus, they would have to be reapplied to a newer
Mike> source tree after proper testing?

The trunk is the main line of development.  It is not an older version
-- to the contrary it is the version that is yet to be released.  I
checked in the existing, approved intel darwin patches on the trunk

You may want to check out using subversion rather than downloading
source tars and applying patches by hand.


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