help with gcj for embedded platform

Adam Megacz
Fri Mar 26 17:17:00 GMT 2004

"Scott Gilbertson" <> writes:
>> headache with this stuff. I've looked at the CDC platform from Sun,
>> and that would be great (looks as though it will run in about 2MB),
>> but the licensing costs appear to be prohibitive.

I managed to get XWT (statically linked with libgcj) below half a
megabyte post-compression using NanoGoat:

It's open source, but right now it's specialized for XWT in
particular; it's unlikely to work "out of the box" for other apps
without a decent amount of hand-tuning.

       ** shameless and crass commercialism follows **

I do consulting and I think getting NanoGoat to work on a commercial
app would make an interesting project.

Okay, sorry to annoy you all with that....

  - a

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