Problem with GCJ 3.3 + MinGW (using Mohan Embar's gcc-devl-20030409)

João Garcia
Fri May 16 14:39:00 GMT 2003


I agree with Mohan Embar when he says that gcj 3.3 is much better than 3.2.

Nevertheless there is something that annoys me...
I have built an executable of a program that uses SWT (from Eclipse 2.1 
final). I did that using gcj 3.3 compiler in two different flavours: 
MinGW native compiler (built using Mohan Embar's instructions from and Linux->MinGW 
cross-compiler (built from Mohan Embar's gcc-devl-20030409.tar.gz). Both 
processes seem to work fine (that is: compile and link without errors).

The SWT library was compiled using John Murga's script 
( Also compiles and 
links without errors (using both flavours of the 3.3 compiler).

Both versions of the executable for my program work fine on Win98 but 
perform oddly on WinXP!
No error message is issued at runtime. On WinXP, the program shows the 
main window and the menu bar. All menu items are shown, and work fine as 
far as I can tell, but the other widgets are not shown (Sashes, 
TabFolder, Tree, List, and StyledText)! The application exits normally. 
The PC as the following configuration: Athlon XP 2000+, Nforce chipset, 
256 MB RAM (16 Mb used by the Nforce's GeForce2), WinXP Pro.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?
I hope it doesn't happen on the gcj 3.3 final...

The Win98 machine (where everything works OK) is a PIII Coppermine at 
1GHz, BX chipset (FSB overclocked to 133MHz), Matrox Millenium G400, 512 
MB RAM. I would bet on the OS to explain the difference, but we never 
know... ;-)

An executable for the same application built with gcj 3.2 (binary 
distibution taken from MinGW project) runs fine on WinXP (everything 
shows up).

Many thanks to Mohan Embar, Ranjit Mathew, John Murga and all the others 
that make this project work (the list of names that I should mention 
would be to long for this message...).

João Garcia

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