security providers and ...

Tom Tromey
Mon May 6 14:35:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Vladimir" == Vladimir Puskas <vpuskas@EUnet.yu> writes:

I didn't see a response to this.

Vladimir> 1) The '' says that it
Vladimir> supports MD5 beside other things but
Vladimir> '' simply isn't there.

That must be an oversight or missed merge opportunity.  Sorry about

Vladimir> I needed it bad enough, so I did merge it myself from GNU
Vladimir> Classpath. And, while on this subject: pardon my ignorance,
Vladimir> but only way to initialize security provider I found, is to
Vladimir> call addProvider in my source. This isn't a problem to me,
Vladimir> but it differs to Sun's VM, where I don't need:

This is probably a bug in our implementation.

Actually, I seem to remember fixing this at some point.  Perhaps the
fix got lost.  Or maybe I just did it as a temporary hack somewhere.

Vladimir> Question is:
Vladimir> Can I at runtime, know where class is loaded from? Has it
Vladimir> been in shared library or class/jar file?

As far as I know there isn't a way to do this from Java.
You could probably do it in C++ by digging around in internal data
structures.  I doubt there is an "approved" way to do this, but if we
knew what you needed to do maybe we could make one.


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