Some testsuite failures in gcc-3.2's libjava under cygwin

Tom Tromey
Mon May 6 13:06:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Jönsson <> writes:

Christian> The recent 3.2 trunk, with the -no-install patch, still
Christian> gets me a few failures:

Christian> cannot find -lcalls
Christian> FAIL: linking calls

Christian> Note the weird -lclass.... Several tests fail in the
Christian> similar way, cannot find -lcxxtest etc...

Currently the JNI tests (from jni.exp) assume you are running on a
Unix-like platform where shared libraries are named "", etc.

One fix would be to update this code to build .dll libraries on Windows.
Another fix would be to disable these tests on Windows.

If you can tell me what steps to use to build a JNI library (i.e., do
one of the tests by hand and tell me how), I can put it on my to-do
list to fix.


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