Native compilation article

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Jan 30 17:32:00 GMT 2002

Martyn Honeyford wrote:

>For the next article, I would like to try to run the native executable
>under win32 (using cygwin if necessary) as this will allow me to
>compare against more compilers (as more are available for Win32 than
>I have so far been unable, however, to get gcj to run under cygwin -
>I tried building gcc 3.0 and 3.1 from sources a few months ago without
>any luck.

Unfortunatly gcj does not work under cygwin at this time due to a bug 
with its handling of case-insensitive filesystems. This affects 
Darwin/Mac OS X as well.

>Anyone know if it is possible to produce win32 binaries using gcj?
>I don't mind cross-compiling from Linux if required.

Adam Megacz has ressurected the native-win32 support and has 
successfully cross-compiled to win32. You can check out his application 
at We're eagerly awaiting his patches ;-)



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