bootstrap problem on x86-linux (and presumably everywhere else)

Tom Tromey
Thu May 17 22:39:00 GMT 2001

Geoff> It's every file that has C++ exception semantics (even if they
Geoff> don't actually throw or catch exceptions).  I think there are
Geoff> quite a number of them.

I'll fix this tomorrow.

I think we should put Zack's #pragma into Object.h.  Then we know that
all CNI code will do the right thing.  This is a change -- previously
you could include Object.h and not commit to the Java view of the
world.  But is this a real concern?  My feeling is that it is not.

I think tomorrow's fix will just add <jvm.h> all over the place, so
this doesn't have to be decided right now.


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