Official start of GCC translations

Philipp Thomas
Sun Jun 18 11:08:00 GMT 2000

* Martin v. Loewis ( [20000618 18:26]:

> > So for the next release we could just possibly have translations to ship
> > ;-)
> Great!

Exactly my sentiments ;-)
> If I understand your proposal correctly, I don't think it is such a
> good idea to have an automatic update of the catalog.

You didn't get it quite right, or maybe I didn't make it clear enough.
Inside the TP, the catalogs get the version of the package they are part of.
As there isn't yet a released version of the mainline, translations will
have to be based on the snapshots or a CVS checkout. In order to destinguish
the catalogs for the TP robot, I took up Paul Eggerts suggestion from the
time he did his initial work to append the date to the version, i.e.
2.96.20000618. Francois added this scheme to those recognized by the TP

The gcc.pot in CVS has neither package name nor version, as it's directly
generated by xgettext. So in order to make the catalogs destinguishable, I
thought it would be a good idea to have the snapshot and release scripts
replace the string VERSION in gcc.pot by either X.Y.YYYYMMDD for snapshots
or X.Y for released versions.


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