Official start of GCC translations

Martin v. Loewis
Sun Jun 18 09:26:00 GMT 2000

> I've talked with Francois Pinoir, maintainer of the GNU translation project
> and he'll soon officially announce the availability of gcc.pot to the
> language teams. So for the next release we could just possibly have
> translations to ship ;-)


> Question now to Jeff is, if the script that prepares the snapshots could
> replace the VERSION string in gcc.pot with the snapshot date. The reason is
> that translators will be pointed to the snapshot to retrieve gcc.pot from it
> and to have a reference for doing translation.

If I understand your proposal correctly, I don't think it is such a
good idea to have an automatic update of the catalog. There should not
be too many different versions of the catalog, or else translators are
overwhelmed with having to merge too often. Instead, I'd release the
next version of the catalog only after there is visible progress in
one of the teams. The first round of translations will take a number
of weeks, and would rather not see a new version of the catalog until

Just my 0.02EUR,


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